Books Bazaar

There is a suggestion from of the students and friends to open a book bazaar in the blog. If you have a book that you want to sell or give a way post here or send it to me by email and I will post it. If you are looking for a book that you would like to read and have or buy, post it here or tell me by email and I will post it.

I think it’s a good idea that could help all of us specially the expensive books that you have to by over the internet and wait for the shipping process. Also many have big collection of books that they don’t use or don’t have the place to store them and don’t know what to do with these books.

What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Books Bazaar

  1. I would be willing to buy books about Knowledge Management & Knowledge Sharing. In fact, I’m looking for this book:

    Knowledge Management: Converting Theory into Practice / Edition 1
    by Kimiz Dalkir

    We used this book for our Knowledge Management class with Dr. Chaudhry. If you want to sell this book, I will buy it from you.

  2. Great Idea..

    Mohammad it is also great if you create a new section for it in the menu bar.

    Talal: sorry I don’t have the book, but how about buying my entire personal library for 10000 KD. And because you are a great friend of mine I will make a good discount for you 🙂 heheheh

    1. Sayyed,

      hmmm Ramadhan is coming, I suggest you give it away, and Allah and the DLIS will reimburse you inshallah 😛

  3. If any one needs any book that i have ill be more than happy to donate it. Ill preapare a list of all the books related to our discipline and post’em here. They are not much any way 🙂

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