Saleh, The Reference Librarian

Our friend Saleh has the job now as a Reference Circulation Librarian at AUK.

As of September he will begin his duties at AUK to try and perform what he has learned in the past three years. This is the job description from AUK website:

Description: Reporting to the Director of the University Library, this position maintains and delivers library services in support of the AUK learning community. Duties include but are not limited to assisting library patrons daily; conducting information literacy sessions; material circulation; interlibrary loan processing; report preparation; assists with the development, implementation, and maintenance of library automation system; and receipt, processing and maintenance library collection.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Strives to meet the objectives of the library as established by AUK.
  • Organizes circulation and overdue notices procedures. Assures all library users are properly registered to check out library material.
  • Provides reference assistance to students, faculty and general public.
  • Trains library users to search the online catalog, subject databases and the World Wide Web. Serves all library users by assisting with reference questions.
  • Provides overall supervision and direction to student workers in the circulation of books and other materials.
  • Performs or delegates the following daily activities: check library materials in and out; shelve books; contact library users with overdue materials and books on reserve.
  • Works the circulation desk as needed; establishes and implements routine procedures. Answers the telephone as needed. Performs other related duties as required.

This is the first person I know that did benefit from the degree we have. Congratulation Saleh and try to present the good image of Kuwait University master students.


7 thoughts on “Saleh, The Reference Librarian

  1. Thank you Mohammad for posting it here and believe it I will represent my university very well.

    Talal, Thank you so much, and its only the beginning, which I hope to go for more in the future.

    wish both of you great luck.

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