Iphone 3GS vs. Iphone 4


7 thoughts on “Iphone 3GS vs. Iphone 4

  1. The new iPhone 4 is revolutionary product. I have ordered two one for me and the other for bahrani… But unfortunately my relative was not there in UK to pick it up, so that we lost it…

    I’ll for sure order another one soon.

    Thnks for the post bo naser

  2. Thank You Talal for this post, you are a life saver. I’ve been too busy even to post any thing. I have much to talk about and write with no time at all.

    Saleh, good luck next time

  3. I’m a satio person not an I-phone one 🙂

    I really like my Sony Ericsson and I won’t trade for any other phone.

    I’m just totaly in love with it, especially with its 12 mega pixels camera, it is just amazing.

    1. hmmm .. Wadha. Once you try the Iphone, you will hate are your gadgets! and you will start buying all Apple’s products … believe me!

      I used to be a sony fan, not anymore! It’s my second choice after Apple!
      hmmm, I will ask Mr. Bahrani to arrange a presentation for all the Alumni about Iphone! you need to change Wadha … It’s a must 😛 Just kidding 🙂 Thanks for the comment, and thanks for making this blog alive 🙂

      1. I used to be a Nokia fan before, a loyal fan. Now i cant even think of going back to Nokia. You dont value Iphone unless you try it and now it capabilities. These days its not a matter of hardware specs its a matter of and operating system. Iphone have on heck of and OS.

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