On Wednesday night, the old gang gathered again in Ahmad Ashoor Dewaniya. Ahmad was a college in the Master program for one full year. Unfortunately he didn’t continue his master study. So we got invited by Ahmad to attend his dewaniya in Rumaythya and we did. Me, Talal, Saleh, and Abdullah.

I’m not Dewaniya guy myself, but I had to accept that invitation. We headed there at 10 pm after fattor and it was more like a gathering of old mates or a discussion forum for people who wana study abroad. Most of the talks that lasted to after midnight were about universities, scholarships, PhD, and how to get it.

Thank you Ahmad for the invitation and i hope your Dewaniya lasts forever. He insisted to see us every week and i hope we can really gather every week in one place to share thought and make it a knowledge sharing point.