New Blog Name Needed

Ramadan is over, Eid is finished, summer holiday is on its end. So here we go again stretching our arms from long and lazy days. Back to work, back to school. And back to life.

AS we move on in life things tend to change. We graduated from Library and Information Science master program. Title of the department and the curriculum has changed to information Management. Also the blog is going to discuss more general matters of knowledge and information that is not strictly related to the master program and the department.

For all that, a new title for the blog is needed. We’re going to move to a paid service with more functions and options. So we need a domain name that is related to Kuwait, Information, Technology, and knowledge. It should be Short, catchy, and cool 🙂

Any suggestions?


8 thoughts on “New Blog Name Needed

  1. Dear Mohammed,

    The name & curriculum did not changed yet. The KU council rejected our proposal. Even if it’s printed in the new cataloge, it will be on hold until we process it again.

    Please let me know if you need further information about it.


    1. Dr.Sultan, I wish the department would keeps us and the students informed in such important news. We are always interested and i think the students in particular has to know that they are going to study. Thank you for the update. But do you think we should change the blog name to be more general?

  2. What a great idea mohammed..

    My suggestions are as follow:

    1- K-KAIT = Kuwait – Knowledge And Information Technology

    2- LLK = libraries, librarians, and Knowledge

    3- KILLTech = Kuwait Information for Libraries, Librarians, and Technology

    Best wishes..

  3. Saleh

    Kill Tech??!!! why you want to Kill the Technology :). But good try


    I prefer you keep your first Love, I mean the blog you established 2007 with the same title (LISKW) and start new Love, I mean new blog with new title. You can manage to handle both. You will see the new title in front of you by coincidence.

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