How 0.01 Can Change Your Life? Published

Remember this book “How 0.01 Can Change Your Life?”. Will the author Dr.Ali Dashti sent me an email that his book is published and ready for harvest. It’s available in Amazon online for 9.99 USD or in Virgin Kuwait.

The interesting part in Dr.Ali’s email was the news about his daughter book. It seems the writing runs in the family and Dr.Ali’s doughtier also has published a book title “The Day I Found Myself Living in My Book” and here is the plot of the book as quoted from Amazon:

Truly original, The Day I Found Myself Living in My Book by young Kuwaiti author Yasmina Ali Dashti is an exciting brightly illustrated children’s picture book for beginning and intermediate readers. For this nine-year-old writer, waking up in her absolute favorite, if lovingly tattered, book of classic fairytales means running as fast as she can, erasing a few doodles, and mending a torn page or two. The pajama-clad narrator knows she’s in trouble when she finds herself alongside Goldilocks, Cinderella, two kids nibbling on a gingerbread house, a man scaling plaited tresses, and a cat with a plumed cap, but it isn’t until someone recognizes her that she’ll be obliged to restore what it is she’s loved to make-believe.

Its 24 Pages only and 10.91 USD

Congratulation Dr.ALi and Yasmina. I really wish one day i can do the same and publish literature in English. I know we all have the potentials. I’ve seen great writings from most of the students that i worked with and I think we are capable of jumping to the next level. We just need that extra push.

Dr.ALi’s Dashti book in Amazon

Yasmina Ali Dashti book in Amazon


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