DLIS Invitation: Knowledge Management Research

Under the patronage of the Dean of College of Social Sciences Prof. Abdul Reda Asiri. The Department of Library and Information Science. cordially invites you to a public lecture

Titled: Knowledge Management Research: Insights and Invitations from the Department of Information Science, Loughborough University

Presented by: Dr. Gillian Ragsdell

Senior Lecturer & Director of Research Degree Programme. Department of Information Science. Loughbrough University

VENUE: Sunday, October, 24, 2010 – 6:00 P.M.

Kuwait University. College of Social Sciences. Global Hall (Shuwaikh Campus)

6 thoughts on “DLIS Invitation: Knowledge Management Research

  1. Salam Mohammad

    I wish that you come to this lecture Mohammad, also tell Talal (he is very interested in KM), Abdullah and other nice graduate master degree students that you know to share knowledge with you also. I am sure you will add useful points that will enlight the presentation.

  2. I won’t miss it for anything. Talal I’m sure will be there S he is a big fan of KM. Also it will be a greate chance to meet with you and the others and faculty again.

  3. Dear Mr. Bahrani,

    I can’t wait to attend this public lecture which will be about my favorite subject “Knowledge Management”. Thanks for organizing this event.

    I had a meeting yesterday with the Deputy Head of Trade & Investment, and who is also responsible for Education & Training in the British Embassy here in Kuwait Ms. Irene Ronald, and we were discussing several things related to education and training opportunities. Ms. Irene, I met her 5 years ago, she’s a very friendly and helpful person in the Embassy. Well, while we were talking about several things, I mentioned that there will be a lecture given by a British lecturers for Kuwait University, and she was shocked because she doesn’t know about that! Well, I told her this is normal, and this things happen in all countries even Kuwait. We sometimes go on a business meetings outside Kuwait, and we don’t get the Embassy involved. Well, Ms. Irene, she told me that her section here in Kuwait can help many organizations like Kuwait Fund and Kuwait University in arranging many things. In fact, some delegates are coming to Kuwait in December to meet with important people in the Ministry of Education. I hope that our department can benefit from this opportunity!

    Let’s cooperate and collaborate in such events, so that all can benefit from it. Thanks again for those who invited Dr. Gillian Ragsdell from Loughborough University, and I hope the current committee consider sending students to those universities who contributes, and add value to our educational system here in Kuwait.

    Again, I’m very happy, and I hope to see you all there. Don’t miss is, it’s my favorite topic! 🙂

    1. Im sorry for the late answer. Im really busy these day with office work and i cant find time to do anything for my self.

      Now lets get down to business. The problem is with the department commitment to the students efforts and other activities Talal. These kind of lectures and keynote speakers need full attention and commitment from the university and the department faculty or it will be wasted effort.

      There is much to say about such topic but this is not the place to spell it out. What i can be sure of is that i can find many encouraging people like you Talal and other students with work experience who can be mentors for fresh students and speak about their experience in the master program. And i can mention other activities that can be arranged by the department and the students that can be of benefit to both sides. but again, we need commitment.

      Lets hope for the best and lets meet on the 24th and relive the past. Hope to see you all there my dear friends.

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