I like this: can we?

As I tweeted last night form Carino’s Italian restaurant, i wrote only one word “Natchooooos” i got a response from Dr Sultan over twitter asking me if its healthy. I kept thinking about it but i really like their nachos. And I came across this interesting article written by Buzberry, a Kuwaiti blogger that i really like you to read it. Enjoy

can we?

Can we as rational individuals, live guilt free lives? Can we as emotional people, stop caring? Can we as intellectual beings, be ever so exhaustingly optimistic and constantly positive?

I think NOT, it’s a simple fact that part of being human entails all the negativity and the suffering that comes along with it. Don’t get me wrong, people who know me know that I am a positively overdramatic individual who constantly smiles and makes life seem effortless, when beneath my surface is a complexly messed up man who still does not know what he wants in life, not to forget constantly dwelling in my miseries of not reaching my true potential, whatever that is. But this post is not about my insecurities, it’s about self improvement, and how to start the day off positively while maintaining your positivity for the rest of the day.

Rule Number 1: Always, ALWAYS surround yourselves with positive friends, even though it makes me spasm thinking of “Bright and Shiny” people.

Rule Number 2: As soon as you start thinking negatively, change the thought into something more useful by ordering and indulging yourself to the best dish you can possibly think of during that second; preferably unhealthy food because it will provide you with instant satisfaction and happy thoughts afterwards. (Hardeez’ Roast Beef and Cheddar or Naif’s Spicy Chicken Booree make me happiest the most)

Rule Number 3: Never distract yourself by watching an emotional TV show or movie, because believe it or not, your brain is the master of disguise and will somehow make any emotional scenes directly about you, which will then reinforce the negativity of your life. Always watch comedy shows or Sci-Fi Supernatural crap, because you will neither relate to the characters nor to the scenes you are watching.

Rule Number 4: Stop complaining and keep your mouth shut, because the more people around you know of you miseries, the more they will ask “are you okay?”.. 3 days later “are you better now?”.. a month later “did you get over that thing?” thus reinforcing the original negative thoughts you previously may have had.

To conclude, nobody in the world is a 100% satisfied with his life, and that is normal and part of human nature, the only thing you can do is try your best to live your life to the fullest without letting those negative distractions cripple you.



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