This photo was taken during yesterday lecture about KM. The global hole was almost full which was surprising to me. Talal, Saleh, Aoun, Ahmad, Yousef, Yaser, and I were there with a majority of female students. Dr.Charleen was the presenter of the event and everything went well.

It was so refreshing and joy to be there after graduation. I really miss the academic environment. I felt like a student once more. But the most important was seeing the beloved faculty members like Dr.Samir, Dr.Taghreed, Dr.Laila, and Dr.Charleen. Smily faces with much hope to look up to. I also got an invitation from Dr.Samir that really made my day to be a speaker at one of his classes and make a presentation for class 506 about blogging and social networking. Dr.Taghreed also got us back on track the old gang of Internet Class and promised us that we would be going back to our Arab Country Internet Profiles Project soon.

But not get out of focus, we were there to talk about KM and ended up talking about Loughbbrough University and how wonderful the environment thereJ. I ended up asking one question at the end just save our faces and to make the lecture little bit alive. And to tell you the truth I wasn’t even convinced of my question.

We missed Dr.Sajjad and Dr.Chaoudhari who didn’t attend the lecture because both of them were in the USA attending a conference.

At the end I ended with a terrible stomach pain after eating just a small portion of the buffet and I was worried that the pain will last more than one night. Thank God it didn’t.

went well