Today was presentation day. I was invited by Dr.Samir Hamade to give a presentation about my blogging experience in class 506. Went there at 6 Pm in college of Social Sciences in Kuwait University in Shuaikh, Same place I used to take my classes in my master years, lap 111. The class was full of females, not even one guy was present there.

The main to topic of the presentation is our blog LISKW. How? When? Why? Which was interesting topic for me and a chance to let the new students feel the importance of sharing and managing information as its badly needed for their study. Sharing is the essence of success. And the experience of the blog for 3 years is a good proof.

The presentation went smoothly as I expected. Instead of 30 minutes agreed on by Dr.Samir I ended my presentation in 60 minutes. Too much discussion was in between slides. And as progressed through slides I could see the topic was getting more interest in the student’s eyes. Although Dr.Samir did put the blog on the glass yahoo group for the students to visit, it seems that most of the students didn’t go deep to search and see the older posts. They were amazed at the end when I demonstrated the kind of useful information related to the discipline and their assignment that can be found with a little bit of search.

What I noticed in the class is that most of the students were just as lost as we were in our first semester in the master program. They were keen to know how to do everything. Assignments, answer exams, participate in the blog, use the databases, and much more. That’s why our discussion went 40 minutes after the presentation.

My advice to them was to collaborate and try for from a study group as we did before. Two heads are always better than one. I offered my blog to be a starting point for their discussion. I even advised them to form their own blog so they can share as we shared.

The presentation was great, for me at least :).  It was a great chance to get back in shape and refresh my presentation skills and I’m very grateful for Dr.Samir for giving me the chance to participate in his class. I will do it again any time for any other class if requested.

A great teacher, grate students, modest presenter, and interesting topic. What more could you ask for?