From buzberry Blug

"I got the chance last week to meet a private school owner in Kuwait and he told me about their interesting “Paperless” plan. His school plans to be 100% paperless by next year! How? Well first of all, students are already submitting most of their home works online; however the interesting part is that starting next year they will offer electronic books instead of real text books. Their plan is to offer the e-books either on the students laptops or on other tablet devices such as the mighty iPad. I loved the idea.. I think they should consider online classes using maybe Skype or FaceTime. No?"



2 thoughts on “Paperless

  1. Alla y3een el students!

    Just think of trying to brainstorm on e-paper
    Or trying to solve a math problem on e-paper. Students will end up re-writing the e-material with their own hands on paper for it to get absorbed into their memory messaken.

    And what about the strain the screens will put on the students’ eyes?

    Gah, BS. Some people want to have ambition bas mo 3arfa shlon.
    Either that, wela ana bas jealous 😛

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