Back from London

This morning, me and Saleh got back from a six days journey to the cold London. To start with the purpose of the trip, the conference and the exhibition was amazing. Saleh booked a hotel next to the conference hall and we walked every day to and from the conference in the coldest November to hit Kk in 20 Years. The result was wearing all what we had in our bags.

The conference was mainly about online social networking, which is a topic interesting to most of us. Also the expedition was amazing as we had to meet most of the known publishers that we now like Sage, ProQuest, and others. SLA was there with other affiliated organizations. We were just wondering why Kuwait University won’t support its graduate students and encourage them to participate in such amazing events.

The other part of the journey was visiting some of the universities that had the potential to contain us in its boundaries and could be one day our PhD dream point. It’s not as easy as most of people think to be a Post graduate student in any UK University, but also not impossible. The major obstacle is the financial side. If you don’t get a full funded scholar ship to study in UK you will be suffering from the very high life expensive beside the tuitions cost.

The third and most amazing visit was to the British Library. As we searched for the building were surprised to find it more modern architect and not a classical one. We entered on our own risk, and it was worth it all the way. As the guided tour began the secrets of the library starts to reveal its wonders. The cost of building is nearly 500 Million Bounds; it goes down to 8 stories basement and competes with the other three most important libraries in the world, Library of Congress, Russian Library, and The French. We had the chance to see marvelous features that really make you wonder about the situation of our local libraries. The collection there is something to be proud of, from all types, different languages and religions. How amazing!

On our last day we catched Talal in Harrods buying chocolate on his way coming from the US. The three of us were there missing only Abdulla who’s present would have completed the perfect circle.

A lovely trip with a great friend and lovely city and cold weather, what could you ask more?

Finally, a special thanks must be mentioned here for our friend Ahmad Al Saffar for keeping the blog running with beautiful posts. I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you Bu Yousef.

One last remark, in the last picture down here, what can you recognize? Hint: from Internet class.


8 thoughts on “Back from London

  1. Mohammad, Thank you for your accompanying me in the trip, I believe it wouldn’t be so nice and laughable without you.

    and as you said it would also be nicer if Abdullah were with us, which I hope next time will happen.

  2. Welcome Back Sayed, Talal and Mohammad
    I am sure you all needed this academic trip and inshallah next time it will be a PHD journey.

  3. Mohammad
    I see in the picture a book titled ” Social Software in Libraries”.Did you foregt it in London?? Anyway.. We miss presentations specially Hassani’s Final Presentation.You are Ringing Bells Mohammad:)

    1. That was the publisher of the book and i found our book in the collection. Good memory Ahmad. I will keep on ringing bills until we all be awaken like Hassani in that unforgettable day 🙂

  4. Hello guys.
    It is so nice to see that all of you are keeping good memories of what came from the Internet class. I will start preparing for this coming class soon . So glad the blog is continuing with collaborative efforts. Am sending an email to the new foundation class to follow up.
    Keep up the good work.
    Bu Yosef, I have not seen you since last Spring, I hope all is well.

    1. Thank you Dr.Taghreed. Your class was our final class and the most interesting class in the program. Specially for me the topic of online social networking is always interesting.

  5. Salam Dr. Taghreed

    Thanks for asking. You are one of the best instructers in our MLIS/KU. This semester I should work for my two courses plus the comprehensive exam, hopefully that this will be my graduation semester. I am communicating with almost everybody by Social Networking applications (FaceBook,Mobile, e-mails, Blogs, etc.). The course 546 is really imporatant for all students in all different fields as well as in our career and social life.
    We (Mohammad, Abdullah, Talal and all our nice group of 546 last semester) will attend your coming course and if you like, we can present some nice updated presentations about social networking and Internet for information professionals.

    Thank You again Dr. Taghreed, you are not only our nice instructer, but you always cared about us as we are one family. I will not write more because Dr. Shafeeq AlGhabra will be jealous. Please send our greetings to him.

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