Charming Wish &Goal List Clipboards

Charming Wish &Goal List Clipboards

You can now have your wishes or goals closer to you with this original clipboard from Etsy artist Maiko Kuzunishi/Decoylab. The clipboard comes with a notepad where you can jot down your wishes or goals and keep them visible. Each clipboard comes with a notepad and customized pencil that says either, “Make my wishes come true.”, or “I will achieve my goals.”. Looks like they’re momen­tar­ily sold out, but I’m sure there will be more soon.



5 thoughts on “Charming Wish &Goal List Clipboards

  1. hello thanks a lot for this information, it’s really important to keep in mind and note our goals and wishes , also with this original clip board it could be more easier to reach our goals, I think without ambition will lose the motivation to self development, I hope all of us reach our goals 🙂

  2. I am a very well organized person and I’m very selective when it comes to goals and wishes, having them written down would really help clearing up my mind and focus my attention. These clipboards were made for this exact purpose, and I believe they will really come in handy as they were meant to be put in a place where they can keep reminding you of what you really want. Very original idea, any idea where can I get it from?

  3. It is very important to have wishes and goals in your life .I think every person have goals ,belongs to me i wish to see people live with peace in the world,no fighting ,live with happiness. I wish to be very rich in order to help poor and sick people .I hope to see my childern grow up with good health ,education,and carriers .I wish to get MBA degree ,but before that I have to plan for my targets and set rules ,i have to make a frame work of my tasks .In order to reache to my ambitions,i have to manage time and work very hard,i have to improve my skills and develope my good habits,if my first plans not fit with my goals,i have to chang them ,and be patient with optimism to the future and work very hard.

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