I never thought about making an Arabic presentation and how hard it is. I have been spending to much time trying to get familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint just to convert it from Left margined to right margined. And still I’m not that successful. And that’s the easy part. Now I have to convert all my concepts, phrases, words, and everything from English to Arabic in my mind and on the slides from left side to right side, and I mean from English to Arabic. There is to much to do and it’s not as easy as you think. Most of the English words related to technology have no synonyms in Arabic. You have to do it yourself or try to search on the internet maybe you’ll get lucky.

The first phrase was “Online Social Networking”. What I found over the internet and after asking couple of friends it came to “شبكات التواصل الاجتماعي الالكترونية”. If every term will waste me this much time then I’ll need a month to finish one presentation. Don’t forget that I have to transfer or convert everything I learned over the past 3 years to Arabic while I present. OMG!

I have been asked to give a presentation in Arabic to undergraduate students. I thought it would be easy. I turned out to be harder than Master level students, much harder.