Research Article: The use of Weblogs (blogs) by librarians and libraries to disseminate information


Introduction. Blogging is a relatively new phenomenon but it has already gained high popularity. This paper reports the use of blogs (a.k.a. Weblogs) by libraries and librarians.
Method. The list of blogs was compiled from data obtained from several lists/directories at two points in time, in December 2003 and in February 2005. The blogs and the content of one month of postings were characterized using multi-faceted content analysis. The blogs identified in 2003 were compared to the blogs listed in 2005.
Results. In general, the findings indicate that blogs have an impact on the activities of information professionals and they are a novel information channel for transferring information both to fellow professionals and to other users of the Web. In addition they also serve as an efficient tool for “marketing” library events and resources. Librarians use blogs to disseminate professional and general information, while libraries often use blogs for announcements.
Conclusions. Libraries utilize blogs in a novel way that allows them to disseminate information to their patrons. Even though there has been a considerable increase in the number of libraries with blogs, further growth can be expected, since as of February 2005 only a minority of the libraries utilized this tool.

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2 thoughts on “Research Article: The use of Weblogs (blogs) by librarians and libraries to disseminate information

  1. Interested article to read. Blogs are playing an extensive role in every aspect of life. I think one of the issues that we all should be aware of, is to understand the philosophy behind what is a blog is all about in terms of participation, commenting, and being source of knowledge.

    1. “participation, commenting, and being source of knowledge.” thats so true Saleh. Blogging is not just trend now, it became a valuable source of information and Knowledge sharing tool. If you understand it will and use it you can really harvest the benefits.

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