P.Mumtaz Ali Anwar

I sent an email for our dear P.Mumtaz regarding our visit to London. It seems that i’ve sent the email message to the wrong email address. This was his responce:

I never opened this mail after I left Kuwait. I saw this address in my drawer today as I was searching for something else. I found several messages in my inbox.
I read the postings in your blog and was glad to see Saleh’s photo. I am glad that you are pursuing your ambition. I am sure you will succeed. You need to pay visit to Malaysia also. If you go there, see Prof. Zainab in the University of Malaya.
Please pass my good wishes to all of your friends and use  gomabk_98@yahoo.com for contacting me in future.
Best wishes again,
Mumtaz Anwar
Dear P.Mumtaz, Thank you for your kind words and i hope you visit us one day in Kuwait.


One thought on “P.Mumtaz Ali Anwar

  1. I am writing now with full of mixed feelings. I don’t know, should I be happy seeing prof. Mumtaz words or should I be sad because he is not with us.

    The funny thing is that while writing this post I was checking my writing style again and again and again. Just like as I am in his humble and great class.

    You can see how this great Gentleman and wonderful teacher is affecting me. Mohammad and me, we always meet and almost in each conversation in any topic, our dear Prof. Mumtaz is there in between.

    What more to say, its only that you are something that would not happen again at least for me. As much as I had to fight with you for some grades in class or office as much as I have learned why I should accept everything you say.

    I feel with all those lovable fights, that I am connected to a great teacher that I have never lost him in heart and mind.

    Sir I wish you all the best and wish you a healthy, wealthy, and great life for you and your family.


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