Asian Communication Resource Centre (ACRC) Fellowship Award


Asian Communication Resource Centre (ACRC) Fellowship Award

The Asian Communication Resource Centre (ACRC) is a regional centre dedicated to develop information resources on different aspects of communication, information, media and ICT disciplines. The ACRC assists academics, scholars, researchers and practitioners in their teaching and research by providing access to a variety of information sources, particularly produced in Asia and Pacific region. To encourage researchers to benefit from the rich collection of ACRC, the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI), NTU has launched an ACRC Research Fellowship programme, focusing on communication and information research from Asian perspectives. Two fellowships will be awarded each semester.

Aims of the Programme:

Support scholars who wish to pursue research in communication, information and ICT related disciplines in Asia by providing access to ACRC information resources as well as by facilitating interaction with WKWSCI faculty and AMIC researchers.
Encourage more in-depth research in the areas of communication, information and ICT in Asia.
Promote cooperation among communication and information professionals in the region.


Applicants should be working on a research project in communication, media, information or related areas that would be able to exploit the materials in the ACRC.
All applicants should posses or be working towards a postgraduate degree from a reputable academic institution.

Terms and Conditions

The duration of the fellowship will be from 4 to 12 weeks.
An economy class return air ticket with a maximum limit of S$1,500 will be provided.
On-campus accommodation will be provided.
A daily allowance of S$20 will be provided.

Other Privileges

Office space in WKWSCI
Access to a PC with an e-mail account
NTU Library borrowing privileges
Photocopy, telecommunication and administrative support

In addition, the Research Fellow is also entitled to attend open seminars, lectures and talks conducted by the School of Communication and Information, as well as by other NTU schools and divisions, and to participate in the academic life of the School and University.

Expected Contributions

The Research Fellow will be required to acknowledge WKWSCI in all publications and conference papers emerging from the research undertaken during the period of fellowship. Postgraduate students will also acknowledge the fellowship in their dissertations.
The Research Fellow will also submit two copies of his/her papers, reports, and other publications resulting from research at the ACRC.
The Research Fellow may be asked to give a public lecture in WKWSCI based on the findings of his/her research.

Application Procedure

The interested individuals are requested to submit the following:

The completed ACRC Fellowship application form.
A copy of the latest resume, indicating qualification(s), current status, research and teaching experience, research projects and publications, conference papers, and two references.

The deadline for application for the fellowship period February – May 2011 is 15 January 2011.

All applications should be addressed to:

Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information

Nanyang Technological University
31 Nanyang Link
Singapore 637718
Fax: (65) 6791-5214

cid:image001.gif@01CA4B25.BD65A9B0 M. Shaheen Majid | Associate Professor | Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information |

Nanyang Technological University | SCI 04-05, 31 Nanyang Link, Singapore 637718

Tel: (65) 6790-4295GMT+8h | Fax: (65) 6791-5214 | Email: asmajid | Web:

If you are interested you can contact P.Sajjad ur Rehman


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