Silver ring revealed

If the image here is true then the graduation ring will be really cool. M.AlShamma3 Comment on the last post gave us the link for this image which I really like and I think the university did real good job. Thank you M.AlShamma3. Graduates, enjoy your graduation ceremony. It will be one of a kind ceremony.

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4 thoughts on “Silver ring revealed

  1. I’m not liking this ring! It looks like something that came out of a sci-fi movie! I would’ve loved it to be in arabic too, that would’ve been cool. But it’s the gesture that matters and that was a great gesture. Now we’ll have a reminder 🙂

  2. Looool that’s exactly what I had in mind! :p

    I was thinking of having my thumb measured but with that ring I don’t think that a thumb is a good place for it! It could pass as a chastity ring so I might put it on my ring finger :p

  3. Ring finger will be good for me 🙂 I dont like wearing rings after all, but for this one i will try for a week at least just to show off. And as a dear friend said “At least we got something good after all the Pain we been through 😉

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