iPad in Education: Tennessee School Requiring All Students to Have iPads

Webb School, a private school in Knoxville, TN is requiring all fourth through 12th grade students to have an iPad for classes next year.

“To be able to use that technology whenever they need it, rather than, as it is now, they have to check out a cart, a laptop cart, or schedule lab time to take a class to a lab,” said Jim Manikas, technology director at the school.

The school will offer a leasing program for those who can’t afford to (or prefer not to) buy an iPad for their child – at around $20 per month. Apparently the school would like to see iPads replace text books in future. They have plans to block certain social sites such as Twitter and Facebook on campus and monitor web browser usage in class. That may prove quite a challenge when they likely see that students become far more savvy about the devices than teachers and administrators.

As much as I love the iPad, I’m not sure how I feel about it being an out-and-out requirement for students. Hopefully the investment required in the iPad does not add up to more than the equivalent amount of text books for those 4th-12th graders.

News Via: 9to5Mac