I know i have been away from the blog for a long time. This inst my choice. We live in a material world and time is crushing us. Work in the morning with a demanding boss, family in the evening with final exams up ahead, personal life in between with much to do. This is life. And i was out of Kuwait last week also without any connection to the cyber world. My only connection to the internet was through my iphone which i lost dramatically in Dubai. No phone calls, no internet, no emails, no messages, no whatsapp. now facebook, and no twitter for a week. And to tell you the truth it wasn’t so bad, it was a relief after all from all the tension that we live in. I realized that much of the anxiety that we live im comes from being connected all the time and never finding the time to sit and think with no ring tones and message alerts.

So im back to Kuwait. the first thing i did was getting a new iphone and a new Sim card. What can i say, I like being connected after all 🙂

I have alot in my mind that i want to write about. So much to say and no time to do so. But thanks to all the friends of the blog im sure this blog will continue. Its a a joint effort.