Well Done Sakeena, Fahdel, Lulwa & Wadha

Four of our dearest friends Sakeena, Fahdel, Lulwa & Wadha will present their four different research papers at the next SLA/AGC Conference, which will take place in Muscat, Oman during the period of 8th to 11th March 2011

In this occasion, I would say good job for all of you, and wish you all the best in presenting your papers enshallah 🙂

The titles are as following:

Sakeena A. Al-Alawi
“Validation of Knowledge Management (KM) modules For Curriculum Design”

Fadhel Husain & Abdus Sattar Chaudhry
“Leveraging Social Tagging for enhancing Online Public Access catalogues”

Lulwa Mohammed

“Information Behaviors of Corporate Managers”

Wadha Alajimi

“The information seeking behavior of undergraduate students at Kuwait University: A comparative study. A Research Paper”


Good Luck Sisters & Brother and I hope I didn’t forget anyone else 🙂


For more information of Conference program click here


Updated March 7, 2011

4 thoughts on “Well Done Sakeena, Fahdel, Lulwa & Wadha

    1. Good Luck Fadhel Bo Mohammad and Om Abbas ٍSakeena in your presentations, also I saw the name of Lulwa Alsagheer in the program schedule, we wish you all the success. We are really proud of you.
      لاتنسون الحلوي المسقطية

  1. Most welcome Fadhel, and best of luck..

    Mashkoooooor Bo yousef for mentioning Lulwa, becuase I forgot to include our other friends names in this post..

    I feel that I am close to have Alzheimer recently 😉

  2. Wow, that was unexpected. I mean i knew about Fadhel and Sakeena. But Wadha and Lulwa were a nice surprise for me and all of us. Thats why Wadha was hiding ! 🙂

    Good luck our dear sisters and brother, my the good luck and success be your partner to the journey to Oman. Bring us allot of good news.

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