New Arrivals To AUK Library

Dear All

Recently I had a thought, which will be great to our LIS community in Kuwait to announce through our blog the new arrivals of books, journals, audiovisual materials in our field to AUK library. In this way it might be a great opportunity for all of you and a chance to visit us and ask for any of them in anytime.

Cutting-edge social media approaches to business education

Web 2.0 Fundamentals with Ajax, development tools, and mobile platforms

How Green Is My Library?

Web-Based Instruction: A Guide For Libraries

Developing Sustainable Digital Libraries: Socio-Technical perspective

How to Build a Digital Library

Foundations of Library and Information Sciences


Saleh A. Ebrahim

7 thoughts on “New Arrivals To AUK Library

  1. Thank you Mohammad.. and I will enshallah.. and Mashaallah you perceive things precisely 🙂 but no it wasn’t in purpose I just picked up the ones that where in my hands, which newly received.. 🙂

  2. Thank you sayedna

    Let me finish from the huge books that in my hand right know, and then maybe I will think to read these books

    But any way, digital library is one of my best topics

    And, yeah man do advertisement for your library 🙂

  3. you are mosy welcome Bo Ahmad

    Yah I know, you should brother.. and may Allah bless you in every step..

    Digital libraries are essential today and really important, and its my area which I love..

    And AUK told my with every Ad. they will pay me 20 K.D :), but don’t believe it 🙂

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