I made a visit today to College of Higher Studies in Khaldiya as requested to get the invitation cards and the instruction for the grand graduation ceremony next Monday. Second floor in room 13. I was asked to provide a photo which i was lucky to have a spare one in my wallet, ned my civil idea. everything was prepared in advance as i went to next office to hear the cleark calling students by the phone and reminding them to pass by to collect their robes and invitation. She was complaining of disconnected numbers and not being able to reach the students. As I learned there is a link of the university website for the students to update their contact information but no one use it. I guess no body tallied us about it, its that simple.

What you will get?

A nice blue bag with your free size new robe, Instruction paper, ID, Six invitation cards. You have to be there one hour before 6:30 PM on monday.

Good luck and congratulations, catch you there