Mission Accomplished: Invitation Posted

Yesterday after i finished my visit to Khaldiya i went straight to Shouaikh campus and headed straight to LIS Department. As usual i struggled with security guys to let me enter and my car for a close entrance to the department. I always use the exude Dr.Hussain tallied me to use. He said always say that you are going to meet me and they will let you in. I never told any one about my little secret 🙂

As i went to the department a rush of memories went fast over my mind of a journey that lasted three good years. The class rooms, laps, students rushing for classes, copy center, library. Even the elevator had its shares of memoirs and laughters. all in the past.

On the second floor where the department located there was one thing in my mind, to invite all the department staff and faculty to the graduations ceremony. All who have been with me in that journey. Even the people i don’t agree with 🙂

Unfortunately khloud and Farah were not present at that time, only Fatma, Went to Fatma office and borrowed a pin to write something on the invitation card. Then went and had a small chat with Dr.Charleen. I toke her permission to post the invitation on the department bulletin board. She accepted immediately and walked with me personally and helped me put it there. I hope every one see it and come to the ceremony.

The moral of the story is that we don’t have any hard feelings towards any one, not from the staff, faculty, or students. Nothing is personal. We may have disagreed with some but at the end nothing was targeted toward us or them personally.

I wasn’t fortunate to meet any of the great teachers like Dr.Taghreed, Dr.Samir, Dr.Layla, Dr.Sultan, Dr.Chaoudhary or Dr.Sajjad. I even went upstaters to the deans floor hoping to meet Dr.Hussain but i was told he is still in a sabbatical and he just left one week ago.

P.S: Sorry if the photos are out of focus, I was in a rush 🙂


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