Research Study by Yasser Malallah

Well it seems that some of the graduates has been busy. Our friend Yasser Mal-Allah Published a research study with Dr.Abdullnasser Abdullah . Here are the details:

Nutrition information sources of female athletes at a girls’ sports club in Kuwait: An exploratory study of sources, usefulness, accessibility, and obstacles Original Research Article
The International Information & Library Review, Volume 43, Issue 1, March 2011, Pages 43-52
Abdullnaser T. Abdullah, Yaser Mal-Allah


The purpose of this study was to explore the nutrition information sources used by female athletes in the Girls Sports Club in the State of Kuwait. A survey method using a questionnaire was employed. The questionnaire was distributed by coaches of each sport team. All of the players, who are trained and officially registered to compete nationally, were requested to participate in the study. Using anonymously completed questionnaires, 49 players from seven unique sports provided data.

Findings showed that although athletes were aware of the benefits of “human” sources of information, they preferred “material” sources due to accessibility and availability. The athletes relied on independent learning from websites and print publications rather than the professional advice available from nutritionists and medical doctors.

This study provides new information about current, important issues in nutrition information sources that are poorly understood. The information in this study should be used as the basis for an education program to improve players’ nutrition knowledge and awareness.

Keywords: Information behaviors; Athletes; Nutrition; Kuwait

You can buy it online for $ 41.95

Now im really incouraged to do the same. I really have to follow Yasser foot steps. This is the logical next step for any graduate students. So graduates, Get ready, GO.
Good work Yasser you have done it. Congratulations.

7 thoughts on “Research Study by Yasser Malallah

  1. Congratulations to Yasser!!! I’m not surprised to see you doing such a great job, because you have always proven to be hardworking, intelligent & resourceful. I wish you more vital accomplishments in life.

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