Register free for Techno-Social workshops

The IT Unit in the College of Social Sciences cordially invites you to register in the workshops which will be held during “Techno-Social 2” forum that the college will organize from 16-18 May 2011.

Notes: Workshops will be conducted in English

Registration is free

Attendants will receive attendance certificates

First Workshop: Social Media for Academics Prof. Sajjad Ur Rehman Monday 16 May 2011 From 12:30 to 2 Lab 24, Global Hall, College of Social Scicnes

Second Workshop: Personal knowledge Management for Academics Dr.Abdus Sattar Chaughry Tuesday 17 May 2011 From 11 to 1 Lab 24, Global Hall, College of Social Scicnes For registration,

Register online at:

Information Technology Unit, College of Social Sciences, Kuwait University, Fax: 24984721 Tel: 24984987

I have registered at both workshops.


8 thoughts on “Register free for Techno-Social workshops

  1. Dear Mohammad,

    Thanks for the post. Unfortunately, the workshop will be from 12:30 – 2pm. As you already know that we work and this timing is suitable for students and not employees. Again, I wish that next time they do it two times, if possible, one in the morning and another day in the afternoon. This way, they will get more credit for that. So that many people can benefit from the knowledge from the two respected teachers.

    My other point which should have a separate post is that how come we want to conduct workshop like social media, and we still don’t share what we know!

    There was a big event for 2 days few days ago called “Kuwait Documentation and Electronic Archiving Conference & Exhibition”. I just found out from a friend of mind who is working in KPC asking me if I know about it! I said NO!

    Tell me what is the role of Social Media if people don’t want to share what they know!

    Please look at the link

    Well, I still remember when they asked me when I presented my comprehensive exam. “In your opinion, what is the most important thing in Knowledge Sharing”. Again, it’s a culture of knowledge sharing. A culture! No matter what tools and technologies you have in your hand. If you don’t have the culture of knowledge and information sharing, there will be no such benefit from these social media tools!

    It’s my opinion, and no one should get me wrong. This is how I think, and how I believe. If there is any event related to our field, we should cooperate a little bit in implanting what we teach, and what we have learned in the past with people which we might consider as professionals like us.

    If you believe that sharing this kind of information or knowledge would be harmful, please let us know your opinion. If I’m wrong about sharing like this kind of information let me know. I might be wrong! I need your advice. We have to show, and prove to the world that the saying “those who can, Do; those who can’t do, teach” is wrong. Another thing they always mention when they talk about leadership is “walk the talk” … no comment!

  2. Thank you Mohammad, I’ll be with you in the 2nd Workshop (PMK tools) only.

    Talal: You are right in all what you mentioned, but let me add one thing, that in any organzation whether private or public sector, there should be someone who can be known as the (Knowledge worker), someone who can follow those topics all over the world and present it to you in all the tools that can be implemented to empower the goals the knowledge sharing among all seekers of knowledge. I am sure that social media networking tools and all e-communication tools enhanced the the role of knowledge worker.

    حكمة اليوم : خيركم من تعلم القرآن وعلمه
    حديث شريف

  3. sorry, it is PKM (Personal Knowledge management not PMK, those mistakes I guess from the storm outside, I can’t see letters 🙂

  4. You that i have been struggling with this matter since the beginning. Information department with no information to share. I don’t want to criticize just to hit the glass. I see people benefiting from our unofficial blog more than they do from the official source of the information.

    I don’t know what is wrong, is it the people, the politics, personal conflicts, old mentality? i don’t know. I keep hearing people talking about theoretical subjects with no practice at all.

    But hope is not lost. We most keep hitting and carving the stone until the point is made and someday someone will listen.

  5. Dear Mohammad: It is not strange that unofficial blog like your Blog can be more effective than an official blog as you can see now that most of the government sectors are using the commercial social media as one of their publicty and one of the communication tools that they depend on. Daily you are watching (dot .gov is following dot .com), “Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter”, Social Media flipped most of the Arab rulers, “KU and KISR on Twitter”!!! .Anyway, with all the Pros and Cons of the social networking but we have to admit that it is the world of Change and hopefully to better Change.

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