Graduation to be missed

Last monday was Kuwait University Graduation Ceremony for 2009/2010. The plan was to attend the ceremony, But change of plan was made at last moment. For several reasons.

  1. First, i got several of calls of the guys and friend who were to attend the ceremony with me, none of them is coming
  2. We graduated almost one year ago, whats the point of the ceremony after one year of graduation
  3. We had our beautiful graduation made by the department that was dedicated to us only in Crown Plaza hotel
  4. University ceremony is going to be held in a stadium, come on, are you series ?
  5. Personally i have a bad experience  with this kind of ceremonies back then when my wife graduated.
  6. None of the students will meet or shake hands with the prime minister
  7. No students name will be called out loud, just keep siting in your seats

Next day i spoke with my nephew who was a an undergraduate and was there at the ceremony. He said that its good that i didn’t come. you figure the rest. It’s not im not thankful for all the effort of the people who worked on the event, but i think we deserve better. My undergraduate ceremony back then was amazing in the theater in Khaldiya. Back then each college had its own ceremony  separately .

Im not happy that i didn’t go, i would have gone if all my friends were there just to share their moment. But it seems there were an unagreed dissuasion not to attend. I wouldn’t go just to sit alone with none of the people who shared to journey with my.

We deserve better.



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