Meet the “want/need” glass

From 965malls blog

Meet the “want/need” glass

the world that we live in today is filled with people living the “want” culture – the things we “need” today aren’t things that were needed a few decades ago; in essence, they’re all just wants that eventually became such a big part of our lives that we feel like we can’t live without them – but the Want/Need Glass is here to teach us all a lesson with its clever design.

the small hole divides the glass into 2 parts: “need” below the hole and “want” above he hole – the user would have to be careful while filling the glass and cover the hole with his/her thumb while drinking, thus one could put a stop to waste with one’s own hands.

it was refreshing to see alesina design come up with the want/need glass to remind us to keep our excessive lifestyles in check – do you really need another sweater? do you really need the newest nintendo video game console?


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