Workshops Review

The past two days i had the privilege to attend to workshops at Kuwait University college of social science. The firs workshop was discussing Social Media and presented by both P.Sajjad and P.Chaudhari. I was surprised by the familiar faces i saw there. Many old friends and colleagues. The workshop it self didn’t present anything new regarding social media. In my opinion the topic has been revealed to much academically this year as using social media tools is the trend that every one is talking about. What was interesting is the diversity of the audience. There were faculty from law college, Education college, PAAET, and many other.

The second Workshop which was today was more interesting and exciting as the topic was more intriguing. Personal Knowledge Management. It was the fist time to hear about PMK and the audience was much more that all the chairs were taken. PKM is a concern for me as i always struggle with my personal information and documents with the archiving and handling and i could never find the appropriate tool that can help me manage all of the types of information that i come across in my regular day. discussion was interesting led by P.Chaudhari.

It was good to meed with Dr.Sultan and had a side discussion about the latest in Social networks. Also it was nice seeing Ahmad AlSaffar who i know is a big admirer of KM And Bashayer Alrandi.I hope the college of social science keep on doing such activities and workshops so we can keep updating our knowledge and information academically.

Last but not least i wish to thank Hayat Alyaqout and Kholoud AlMisri for their efforts and also wish to thank all who participated and attended the workshops.

2 thoughts on “Workshops Review

  1. Yes Mohammad,it was really an interesting and useful workshop. Let me just add some links that Dr.Chaudhri mentioned in his presentation regarding PKM.

    This link has 13 clips related to PKM.Enjoy it 🙂


    Try to search on articles published by Paul A. Dorsey.

    Last but not least a software that is used to capture, edit, organize and share your ideas

    and as you said Mohammad, it was a nice chance to refersh our minds in KM tools specially we met our instructers and distinguished colleagues in MLIS.

    Thank you

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