Graduation Ceremony for MLIS 2011

Yesterday i had the chance to accompany my friend Abdulla to attend the graduation ceremony for Kuwait University Library and Information Science Master Program graduation party 2011 in Crown Plaza Hotel. Although i didn’t get a formal invitation from the department and i was disappointed for that but i couldn’t resist not coming to the party and share the moment with my fellow students who we teamed up and worked together for two years.

The Ceremony was great as usual because of the occasion it self. Every thing went great. As always, Dr.Samir was Kind enough to invite me and Abdulla to sit with him and the dean at the VIP table. It made a great difference and we really appreciate it. The dean Dr.Abdullredha Aseeri speech came from his heart and it showed.

We missed Dr.Taghreed and Dr,Sultan. Also the presence of Talal and Saleh was missed as every one was asking about them both.

Congratulation to all the students, specially Ahmad Al-Saffar and Aoun, Rgaya, nouf, Lulua, Esraa’. I would like to give a special thanks to Rgaya Bloushi and Fatma Marafi for inviting me to the event. Enjoy the photos and wait for the video clips which taking me forever to upload.


One thought on “Graduation Ceremony for MLIS 2011

  1. Thank you Mohammad for the post and your nice words, we were very pleased to see you and Abdullah to share our ceremony day, we missed Talal, sayed and other old colleagues. By the way, nice smiles from all in the last two photoes.:) specially Abdullah:).

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