Khuloud best employee for 2011

Khuloud Almisri was selected to receive ” best employee award” for 2011 at Kuwait University. Five were selected from the entire university.  It’s a great honor for her and DLIS department Congratulations Khuloud!  Its good news and you deserve it.


4 thoughts on “Khuloud best employee for 2011

  1. Alf mabrook Dear Kholoud and you really deserve it. I recall that I mentioned previously in one of the posts regarding Kholoud and how she was the first secertery in the MLIS dept. She always has the talents to be very distinguished among staff. She is verly helpful and smart keeping her smile as one of the most essential factors in her success road. We wish her all the best and successful life. Thank you Mohammd for raising this post in your blog.
    Agool: Is there sweets for this good news ya Khloloud??

    1. الله يبارج بحياتك …

      اما بالنسبة للحلو بلغني متى تيي القسم وانا ايبلك الحلو

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