MBA Scholarships

The MBA Scholarships Program

KIA offers ten academic scholarships per year to Kuwaiti Nationals seeking to obtain their MBA (Masters in Business Adminstration) degree from a top ranked  university in the world with high academic standurds. The Cultural Division in the Kuwait Embassies supervise the Students during thier courses of study.

Scholarship Terms and Conditions

  •  Maximum period of sponsorship:  Two academic years
  •  Starting date of sponsorship: First day of classes

Scholarship Requirements

1.      The applicant is required to have Kuwaiti Citizenship.

2.      Unconditional admission to the MBA program at one of the universities approved by KIA.

3.      Registration in the Academic MBA program and not Executive MBA (EMBA).

4.      Dual Degree programs will not be accepted .

5.      The applicant should not have a scholarship from another source.

6.      The applicant must register as a full-time student.

7.      Satisfactory KIA interview.

All scholarships applications should be submitted two months prior to the start of the first semester.

Financial Benefits in Kuwaiti Dinars (K.D.)

  • Monthly stipend:

o        Twelve hundred (1200) K.D.

  • Book allowance per year:

o        Five hundred (500) K.D.

  • Computer allowance:

o        One time five hundred (500) K.D.

  • Annual airline ticket:

o        Seven hundred fifty (750) K.D.

  • Research and scientific journal subscription: Fifty (50) per academic year.
  • The student may travel within 30 days of the program starting date and will be entitled to two months stipend and KD 750 airline ticket
  •  KIA will meet all expenses related to tuition, fees, examination charges and thesis costs.  A copy of the thesis proposal must be submitted to KIA for approval.
  • Attendance at one professional conference during the degree program.  The conference must be recommended by the program director of the university and approved by KIA. Students are required to submit a report on the conference to KIA and will be entitled to an economy airline ticket when participating in conferences related to the students major.
  • Students are required to maintain full-time status during each academic term.
  • Upon graduation the student is entitled to:
  • 2 month stipend.
  • KD750 airline ticket.
  •  KD200 cargo shipment of personal items.
  • Code of conduct:  Students are required to comply with the laws of the host country; follow the rules and regulation of their schools; comply with the Kuwait Cultural Division’s policies; maintain perfect attendance and graduate on time.
  • KIA maintains the right to terminate or suspend a student’s scholarship mission, based on the evaluation and recommendation of the KIA scholarship committee. This committee may also consider a maximum scholarship extension of six months. Financial entitlements during the period of scholarship suspension or extension will be determined by scholarship committees.
  • A Student’s resignation from scholarship becomes effective on the day the scholarship committee acknowledges the resignation.


  • KIA reserves the right to request reimbursement of its expenditure if the student fails to successfully complete the degree requirements according to the terms and conditions of the scholarship regulations.
  • In addition to these rules and regulations, Civil Service Law No.15 of 1979 will be applied to all scholarship recipients.
  • KIA reserves the right to modify, add, delete or interpret the articles of the scholarship regulations in accordance with the committee’s recommendations.


List of accredited Universities for 2011 


School Name


1 London Business School

United Kingdom

2 University of Pennsylvania: Wharton


3 Harvard Business School


4 Insead


5 Stanford University  – Graduate School of Business (GSB)


6 Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (UST)


7 Columbia Business School


8 Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT


9 Instiyuto de Estudios Superiores de Empresa (IESE)


10 Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA)


11 University of Chigaco – Booth


12 Indian School of Business


13 International Institute for Management Development IMD


14 New York University – Stern


15 Yale School of Management




17 Dartmouth College – Tuck


18 HEC Paris


19 Duke University: Fuqua





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