Book: Speak Kuwaiti

Unlike any other book, this book has been compiled and designed to focus on the spoken Kuwaiti dialect in the easiest and most interactive way possible. We’ve organized each chapter in a straightforward manner and presented the material in an engaging way. This book includes most of the colloquial Arabic spoken by native speakers of Kuwait (Middle East).

Arabic usage here is defined as the conversational language of Kuwait. Even the terms which are characteristically Kuwaiti e.g., simach (fish), shlon (how), tareech (route or way), mahhad (no one), wiyya (with), nshaalla (God willing) etc., are used or understood by all other native Arabic speakers in the Middle East, especially the six countries of the GCC. All the utterances in this book have been compiled from the oral data collected.

The book is modular in nature; every chapter is organized in such a way that you don’t have to read the whole book in order to understand the topic that’s discussed. Feel free to jump through chapters and sections to suit your specific needs.

This book will give local residents a good understanding on how to talk and communicate at places like restaurants, shops, among friends, on the phone, buying & selling, greetings, asking for directions & places and much more. From everyday conversation to the language of friendship – a guide to Kuwaiti Arabic as it’s really spoken.

Interview with Kuwait Times


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