Dr.Taghreed Al-Qudsi at University of Virginia 2001

“The Liberation of Kuwait: Dawning of a New World Order?” A two days conference That revisited the occupation of Kuwait (Aug. 2, 1990 – Feb. 28, 1991). Its objective was to “seek to draw lessons in crisis management for participating government and business leaders”. Was held Feb. 22-24 at the University of Virginia and hosted by the Institute for Global Policy Research.The conference was organized by W. Nathaniel Howell, U.S. ambassador to Kuwait during the Iraqi invasion.


One thought on “Dr.Taghreed Al-Qudsi at University of Virginia 2001

  1. Storytelling is one of the most effective tools in Knowledge Management. Dr. Taghreed is an outstanding proffesional in those type of storytelling. We need to use this toll to document all the unwritten stories during the invasion of Kuwait and events that need historical documentation.
    last, I have one question to Dr. Taghreed, in min. 26 of the Youtube, you keep telling your daughter to Do it now please, Did she leave it to America?:)

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