P.Tariq Alhabeeb with Cube

As you know i was invited to meet Dr.Tariq Alhabeeb by Cube training group. Due to health issues i was not able to attend the meeting ( Bad Luck ). So from blog Hishersq8 blog here is what i missed:

From time to time a person emerges with great thinking who actually gives you hope that life is good. Tareq Al-habeeb is one of those. We had the honor to meet him in person yesterday. An introduction by Cube Group for the upcoming trainings he wil be having starting today.

What we liked about him is how trains, and gives you information about different thinking ways. Not by “text-book” learning but by giving rel life examples.

The first thing he said which is very true:

“Do not listen to a person by their life, but their accomplishments”

This is very true, having a degree and studying isn’t really important if you did not accomplish anything in your life. Thats how he talked about him self. What he accomplished since his junior years. Working from a young age, he tried to work at every opportunity he got.

He talked about different topics. The main two we really enjoyed are:

– The open minded / close minded thinking. The Arab world is mostly closed minded..how?

Well, by closed minded people have an idea and then try to prove that idea. While an open minded society takes all the proof to create an idea. We are scared of being “open minded” because we think that it might lead to sins. It’s not abot that it’s about the way we define the world around us.

– The Anger flow

What is the Anger flow?

Negative Attitude -> Anger -> Increase in Anger -> Attack -> Confusion -> Apology/Self blame

If you understand the above, then you can make anyone who attacks you to apologize.

We do recommend to take his training anytime possible. Contatc Cube for all the information you need:

At the end we got a huge gift from Cube group, a collection of books by Tareq Al-Habeeb. We will definitely enjoy these and learn something new.


You can follow them both on


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