I quote this from buzberry’s blog.

We don’t know what he need for a National Library is; because we do not have one. In fact we do have one but it never opened up.

As usual, there is some dispute on the land, building, and site ownership. The location was previously – privately – owned by the same family that owns the nearby diwaniya. As construction took place, historic artifacts were found as excavation took place. Instead of preserving those artifacts, the people behind this project thought that human capital comes first. Therefore they had to build up this library as soon as possible, to start investing in local human resources and expanding knowledge.

It’s been roughly 4-5 years as far as I can remember, and still no library open. What makes it even worse is the fact that an old Kuwaiti house was brought to the ground in process, when it should’ve been preserved by the government as a reference for history; and artifacts were destroyed as if it was an obstacle for human development. Yes, this is how people think around here.

P.S – This is what I believe happened there.



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