1 Million Books to 240 Schools in Kuwait

i read campaign 1 Million Books to 240 Schools in KuwaitWhat a beautiful incentive to encourage kids (ages 8 -12) to improve their Arabic language skills bought by the Ministry of Education. Starting from 1/1/2013, one million stories will be given out to schools all over Kuwait to encourage kids to read Arabic. These stories teach kids value, honesty, ambition, sacrifice and more.

Kids in private schools have the hardest time dealing with Arabic once they get grow up and get a job since most of them are weak. Not because they didn’t study, but because private schools only have 2-5 Arabic classes a week, everything else is taught in English apart from Islam class and sometimes one or two other classes.

Being good in the Arabic language when young will make it so much easier for when they grow up. Kuwaitna, the organizers behind this campaign will be having an event at the Avenues today where you can pass by to know more.

Where: Avenues Mall

When: 1/1/2013 11:00 a.m

Blog Post Link: 1 Million Books to 240 Schools in Kuwait


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