Presentation for Dr.Sultan Class

Yesterday, at 2 o’clock I had an appointment with Dr.Sultan Al Daihani to make a presentation for his undergraduate class, male student’s class. And on 3.30 I must give the same presentation for the girl’s class. The situation was peculiar to repeat yourself and the same slides at the same day twice. But I did it and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. What I was afraid of is presenting in Arabic. Thank god it wasn’t that hard as I prepared for it will. All the slides were in Arabic and all the terminology converted to Arabic with the help of secret friends J.

The topic of the presentation was interesting and no one felt a complete one hour passing by. “Social Networking and Blogging” was the theme of the presentation. It’s a topic that I know very well and I had been working this blog for three years now. Also the Internet class with Dr.Taghreed was more than helpful. And finally Dr.samir class and last presentation made it possible for me to present the topic now with eyes closed.

Dr.Sultan was a true gentleman. I had never been in any of Dr.Sultan classes before so I’ve never known him as a teacher. This was a good chance to know his style and what is he really like in teaching. I can assure you that he is a remarkable teacher and you can feel how strong the relation between him and the students.

What we both noticed in class is the different attitude of male and female students, totally different attitude. You can feel how the male students needed to be pushed to participate and contribute in the class. On the other hands the girls were more willing to be active and most of them were in class on time.

Thank you Dr.Sultan for giving me the chance to be part of your academic life and part of your class. And thank you once more to taking this video and picture.



My presentation at Kuwait University

Today was presentation day. I was invited by Dr.Samir Hamade to give a presentation about my blogging experience in class 506. Went there at 6 Pm in college of Social Sciences in Kuwait University in Shuaikh, Same place I used to take my classes in my master years, lap 111. The class was full of females, not even one guy was present there.

The main to topic of the presentation is our blog LISKW. How? When? Why? Which was interesting topic for me and a chance to let the new students feel the importance of sharing and managing information as its badly needed for their study. Sharing is the essence of success. And the experience of the blog for 3 years is a good proof.

The presentation went smoothly as I expected. Instead of 30 minutes agreed on by Dr.Samir I ended my presentation in 60 minutes. Too much discussion was in between slides. And as progressed through slides I could see the topic was getting more interest in the student’s eyes. Although Dr.Samir did put the blog on the glass yahoo group for the students to visit, it seems that most of the students didn’t go deep to search and see the older posts. They were amazed at the end when I demonstrated the kind of useful information related to the discipline and their assignment that can be found with a little bit of search.

What I noticed in the class is that most of the students were just as lost as we were in our first semester in the master program. They were keen to know how to do everything. Assignments, answer exams, participate in the blog, use the databases, and much more. That’s why our discussion went 40 minutes after the presentation.

My advice to them was to collaborate and try for from a study group as we did before. Two heads are always better than one. I offered my blog to be a starting point for their discussion. I even advised them to form their own blog so they can share as we shared.

The presentation was great, for me at least :).  It was a great chance to get back in shape and refresh my presentation skills and I’m very grateful for Dr.Samir for giving me the chance to participate in his class. I will do it again any time for any other class if requested.

A great teacher, grate students, modest presenter, and interesting topic. What more could you ask for?

KM Lecture Review

This photo was taken during yesterday lecture about KM. The global hole was almost full which was surprising to me. Talal, Saleh, Aoun, Ahmad, Yousef, Yaser, and I were there with a majority of female students. Dr.Charleen was the presenter of the event and everything went well.

It was so refreshing and joy to be there after graduation. I really miss the academic environment. I felt like a student once more. But the most important was seeing the beloved faculty members like Dr.Samir, Dr.Taghreed, Dr.Laila, and Dr.Charleen. Smily faces with much hope to look up to. I also got an invitation from Dr.Samir that really made my day to be a speaker at one of his classes and make a presentation for class 506 about blogging and social networking. Dr.Taghreed also got us back on track the old gang of Internet Class and promised us that we would be going back to our Arab Country Internet Profiles Project soon.

But not get out of focus, we were there to talk about KM and ended up talking about Loughbbrough University and how wonderful the environment thereJ. I ended up asking one question at the end just save our faces and to make the lecture little bit alive. And to tell you the truth I wasn’t even convinced of my question.

We missed Dr.Sajjad and Dr.Chaoudhari who didn’t attend the lecture because both of them were in the USA attending a conference.

At the end I ended with a terrible stomach pain after eating just a small portion of the buffet and I was worried that the pain will last more than one night. Thank God it didn’t.

went well

Jobs Gets in a little fight with a College Student over Email

Steve Jobs is known for replying to some of the emails sent to him by Apple customers and he normally replies only to important questions regarding their products. Recently, a college journalism student from Long Island emailed Jobs complaining about the Apple PR department and apart from this she also wanted a quote from Steve Jobs about the iPad in academics. But things didn’t end well between them and it turned into an argument. In the end, Jobs had to ask her to “Leave us alone.”.

steve jobs thumb Jobs Gets in a little fight with a College Student over Email

Chelsea Kate Isaacs , a 22 year old journalism student had been emailing Apple to get a quote for her assignment regarding the use of iPads in academics. After sending many mails and not getting a reply, she decided to send an email to Jobs himself. Her first email was lengthy, but this was the important paragraph in which she didn’t look happy.

Mr. Jobs, I humbly ask why Apple is so wonderfully attentive to the needs of students, whether it be with the latest, greatest invention or the company’s helpful customer service line, and yet, ironically, the Media Relations Department fails to answer any of my questions which are, as I have repeatedly told them, essential to my academic performance.

Normally, I don’t think Jobs would have responded to an email like this since, I suppose, their are many other people like this complaining about different things related to Apple. But this time Jobs replied and said.

Our goals do not include helping you get a good grade. Sorry.

Isaacs was definitely frustrated after this reply, but if somebody asks me, I would say that it is not the responsibility of the CEO of Apple to reply to every single angry customer. And it is definitely not Jobs’ responsibility to help anyone get an A grade. If you talk about other Apple customers, we think most of them are happy with the service given by Apple. Then she sent Jobs another email:

I never said that your goal should be to “help me get a good grade.” Rather, I politely asked why your media relations team does not respond to emails, which consequently, decreases my chances of getting a good grade. But, forget about my individual situation; what about common courtesy, in general —- if you get a message from a client or customer, as an employee, isn’t it your job to return the call? That’s what I always thought. But I guess that’s not one of your goals.

To this, Jobs replied:

Nope. We have over 300 million users and we can’t respond to their requests unless they involve a problem of some kind. Sorry.

AND the reply:

You’re absolutely right, and I do meet your criteria for being a customer who deserves a response:

1. I AM one of your 300 million users.
2. I DO have a problem; I need answers that only Apple Media Relations can answer.

Now, can they kindly respond to my request (my polite and friendly voice can be heard in the first 5 or 10 messages in their inbox). Please, I am on deadline.

And Steve Jobs ended the whole thing by saying:

Please leave us alone.

Some would say Jobs treated Isaacs rudely and a positive response wouldn’t have hurt, but considering the number of customers, it is impossible for Jobs to give statements to every student iPad owner with a dealine.

iPad in Education: as the Only Textbook Students Need for Course at Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame‘s yearlong study of eReaders in academics is starting the school year with a bang — a course that will use the iPad as the only textbook students need. The course is entitled Project Management, and each of the 40 students enrolled will be given an iPad to use in lieu of textbooks. The students will be encouraged to integrate their borrowed iPad into their life by syncing their iTunes library, games, and anything else they would like, and to report their findings.

Project Management is a required undergraduate course for students majoring in Management Consulting, IT Management and Entrepreneurship as part of the management curriculum of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business.

Great stuff.  I bet it’s going to be tough for those students to have to give the iPads back after six weeks.

iPads Arrive On College Campuses

With colleges and universities opening their doors on a new school year comes an opportunity for the iPad to make its mark on campuses. The iPad’s usage isn’t limited to book reading, however.

The Stanford University medical school has made Apple’s device part of the curriculum for its 91 first-year medical and master’s of medicine students, according to a new report.

The University has handed out free iPads to each of its students who are being asked to use it for a number of functions. In addition to textbook reading, the University supplied iPad includes iAnnotate, a note-taking software program that enables students to write directly onto text, to sketch diagrams, to copy text, add highlights, or underline with the drag of a finger.

Christine Nguyen, a Yale University grad, said she uses the iPad about 20 percent of the time, and uses her laptop the remainder for studying and in lectures. But, she loves it for anatomy. In anatomy class, students have traditionally used colored pencils to shade in the various body parts in an anatomy manual.

“Look at this,” Nguyen said, pointing to the rainbow of colors in an iPad program used for annotating documents. Simply touching a different color changes the highlighting. “It’s so useful for drawing in anatomy class. It’s a lot of fun. You customize it the way you want to use it.”

First year medical student Abdullah Feroze of New Mexico, who described himself as a “paper-and-pencil” kind of guy, appreciated that learning how to use an iPad now could be beneficial for his future as a doctor, given the move toward electronic health records for patients.

The University’s decision to provide its students with free iPads is definitely a work in progress. In fact, the University is regularly surveying each student to see how the device is being used by each of them. They will then use this information to determine future uses for the iPad.

Surely, Stanford University isn’t alone in its usage of the iPad on its campus. As the device matures, it will most likely play a significant role all across academia. If you are a college student and are using an iPad, let us know. Also, let us know how you are using the device. Leave your comments below.

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