Book Review: A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice & Fire)
// Crazy Yet Wise


I can say that I’m proud of myself for finishing this book in less than a month and I can also say that I’ve enjoyed every word and page of this book. I cannot explain to you how mind-blowing this book was. Probably the best so far, can’t judge for I haven’t completed the series but so far it’s the best. The characters, the scenes, the language used in this book is beyond amazing, I really don’t know how George R. R. Martin comes up with such words and descriptions of characters and events but he’s one hell of a gifted writer.

In this book we come to know more about Lysa, Catelyn’s sister. How they killed her baby from Littlefinger, who did it and why, which made her suffer her whole life until she became pregnant from Jon Arryn.

Sansa being in love with Ser Loras but then she becomes disappointed when she learns that she is to be wedded to Ser Wallis who’s the crippled brother of Loras and Margery. I felt sorry for Sansa in this book for what she has gone through. I wonder how she’s keeping it together with everything that has happened to her and knowing that she’s the reason that King Joeffery is dead, well that was something. I did’t expect Ser Dontos to have a hand in it but he did and the one who was arranging all of this was of course Littlefinger (I hate him).

There is one character which I loved in the T.V. show but hated in the books. It’s Robb Stark, God how stupid he was. Doing stupid things just because Jeyne nursed him and not listening to his own mother, no wonder he got killed and Jeyne stayed alive. I wonder if she had a hand in his murder. Hammy well I guess I’ll never know until I read the 4th or 5th book.

The description of Brienne of Tarth is outrageous, I mean how ugly can a woman be hehe. The words said to her or about her are really awful and she doesn’t seem to care. But I loved her more and more in the books and how devoted and honourable she was.

Now, let’s move on to Jaime Lannister who was really awful and wicked in the beginning of this book until the end when his character has changed dramatically after he knew that his sister was sleeping with other men just to get to what she wants. That broke his heart and made him realise the things he’s done in his life and how she wanted to repent or do something honourable which was saving Sansa even after he knew that she killed his son. I also liked how they changed his look in the book, he became bald with a long beard. I kept imagining his face without hair.

Deaneries comes to know of Ser Jorah’s unfaithfulness and banishing him as a punishment. She couldn’t kill him because (from my point of view) she had feelings for him but couldn’t or wouldn’t admit, on the other hand he did admit that he loved her and he wanted her forgiveness but she didn’t grant him that. Poor old man. I love his character a lot.

In this book, we also get to know more about The Night Shift and The Wildlings. How the night shift was created. Who was in control and how it became under Jon Snow’s control. At the end of this book he becomes Lord Commander and thinks of how he’ll fight Stannis Baratheon. I felt sad for him and Ygritte, i think they would have made a great couple if she had survived in this series. She was a wildling by heart, she loved Jon deeply but she couldn’t abandon her people, the same thing applies on Jon Snow. So sad😦

Oh and the ending was WOOOOW. I didn’t see that coming. Now I can’t wait to see/read what will happen or what she’ll do!


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History of the Kuwait National Museum
// 2:48AM – Everything Kuwait


An invited competition was launched in 1960 for the construction of a museum in Kuwait City. Michel Ecochard won this project while his work was flourishing, especially in Lebanon. However, between the time of the project and its realisation, a long waiting period elapses. Michel Ecochard expressed doubts about the likelihood of this project being completed at all.

The Museum programme was based around several themes, including areas devoted to the oceans and to the field of culture, another to the oil industry, and a botanical garden. The first section relates to culture and administration; a space dedicated to archaeology, art, ethnography and folk traditions. Offices and storage areas extend into an outdoor exhibition area, with spaces reserved for temporary exhibitions and an auditorium. A separate building is reserved for displays on the theme of “Kuwait, today and tomorrow”, a dome-like structure, connected by a walkway to the main building. One can also gain access from the garden. A space with a high ceiling is able to house the machinery of oil chemistry; the second part of the second storey addresses the scientific and industrial applications of oil, and is covered by a dome structure that stands out from the rest. The main entrance is located between the two buildings.

It is interesting to note that the section of the Museum part devoted to traditional life partially recreates the organisation of the so-called traditional city, with a market for traditional crafts such as tanning, jewellery-making, pottery, weaving, and fishing. Buildings organised around a central patio reproduce forms of traditional habitat. In the area destined to house the zoological and botanical garden, an itinerary encouraging strolling, with the first floor transparent, is provided via ramps and walkways connecting the floors, allowing a view of the botanic garden and a large aquarium. The strength of the architectural design comes from the fact that each section is both independent and connected to everything else, both in the interior and exterior areas.

The architecture is resolutely modern with the use of concrete pillars and beams. The rhythmic façades are punctuated by areas with small rectangles made from work blocks. The architecture has been designed in response to the climate to avoid both the sun and sandstorms. It should be noted that the sun-shade was conceived as a way to create a microclimate and a variation of light according to the coverage needs. The idea is to create protection through a flat roof made of open, light, metal, a “microclimate” in which the museum and its immediate surroundings can function independently of the outside temperature. This is a huge shelter that is 28m high, with widely spaced pillars.


















The museum was looted and burned during the 1990 Iraq invasion and it remained in that state until very recently. The museum is now currently under renovation.


All the images and text above were taken from Archnet [Link] They also have a scan of an interesting publication relating to the museum which you can read [Here]

In 2014 I visited the museum and took photos of the inside before renovation work had started, you can check those out [Here]


The picture above is of the previous Kuwait National Museum. It was also destroyed during the 1990 Iraq invasion.


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Book Review: A Clash of Kings
// Crazy Yet Wise


“The roots of the trees go deep, and under the ground The Kings of Winter sit their thrones”

I can’t believe I’ve finished this book. Finally, I’m done with book two and moving to book three. I can say that I’m really proud of myself for reading this great sequel Song of Ice & Fire. It’s not an easy read at all but it’s worth every minute, hour, day, week, and months spent on reading them. From my own personal opinion, these books should be taught as they are considered literary masterpieces.

Book 2 is better than book 1. For I struggled a lot in Book 1 to get to know all the characters, kingdoms and stories connected to families and lands. In book 2 we see a depth for some characters and we learn more about their pasts and what made them the way they are now. I got confused with some characters from the show. In the book Reek is Ramsay but in the show Reek is Theon, I did some googling and it did a lot of explaining. I have to admit, the books are much better than the show, but still the show is amazing.

Now, I’d like to see what will happen to Sansa, Theon, Bran, Rickon, Robb & Arya in Book 3 and I’ve heard that book 3 is totally different than the show.


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Book Review: Beside Myself
// Crazy Yet Wise


This is one of the weirdest and most enjoyable books I’ve ever read so far. It frustrates you, makes you mad, upset, angry and all those awful feelings, you get them for real. The concept of the story is new, or maybe this is my first read for this kind of plot.

The story is about two identical twin sisters that swap places/identities at the age of 7 when they were playing a game, but things find another way when Ellie won’t swap back to her identity and keeps acting as if she is Helen. Helen becomes frustrated and tries to tell her family the truth but everybody thinks that she has mental problems, when Ellie is the one who is having some issues dealing after the death of her father.

At the beginning, you get really confused trying to connect the dots together, who is who. Ellie, Helen, and Smudge. The story goes back in time and then back to real life with different personality. You can see how young Ellie is different from the grown up Ellie and the same goes for Helen. And I was also wondering if the mother herself is suffering from mental illness for not admitting the problems her daughters were going through or when she denied the incident that happened to Helen who’s supposed to be Ellie and called her a MONSTER. It’s a bit confusing, but the ending left me heart broken:/

The plot is really good, the characters are beyond amazing, how she shaped them, from up to low and the other way around. Dealing with mental illness with a family that doesn’t want to admit there is a problem and neglecting it shows that to could lead to many other problems.

Well done Ann Morgan.


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Qra2ati |في حَضرة العَنقاء و الخِلُ الوفيّ .. لـ إسماعيل فهد إسماعيل
// I L S H A Y E B




إسماعيل فهد إسماعيل روائي كويتي مواليد 1940 العراق ، حصل على بكالوريوس أدب ونقد من المعهد العالي للفنون المسرحية في الكويت ، و هو يعد أحد الأعلام البارزة و المؤسسين للرواية في الكويت .

له العديد من الروايات باللغة العربية ” كانت السماء زرقاء 1970 ، المستنقعات الضوئية 1971 ، الحبل 1972 ، الضفاف الأخرى 1973 ، ملف الحادثة 67 سنة 1975 ، الشياح 1975 ، الطيور والأصدقاء 1979 ، خطوة في الحلم 1980 ، النيل يجري شمالا : البدايات 1983 ، النيل يجري شمالا :النواطير 1984 ، النيل الطعم والرائحة 1989 ، إحداثيات زمن العزلة (رواية سباعية) ، يحدث أمس و بعيدًا إلى هنا في نفس السنة 1997 ، الكائن الظل 1999 ، سماء نائية 2000 ، مسك ، عندما رأسك في مكان و اسمك في طريق آخر ، طيور التاجي 2014 ، الظهور الثاني لإبن لعبون 2015 ” .

كذلك له العديد من المسرحيات و القصص مثل ” البقعة الداكنة مجموعة قصصية 1965 ، الأقفاص و اللغة المشتركة ، ما لا يراه نائم ، و مسرحية النص 1982 ، مسرحية للحدث بقية 2008 “.

و أجرى العديد من الدراسات مثل ” القصة العربية في الكويت 1977 ، الفعل و النقيض في أوديب سوفوكل 1978 ، الكلمة الفعل في مسرح سعد الله ونوس 1981 ، علي السبتي شاعر في الهواء الطلق 2002 ، مبدعون مغايرون كتابات مغامرة 2006 ، ما تعلمته الشجرة مجتزأ من سيرة ليلى العثمان 2005 .

أما عن روايته ” في حضرة العنقاء و الخل الوفي “

صدرت 2013 من الدار العربية للعلوم ناشرون بـ 387 صفحة .

كانت الرواية ضمن القائمة الطويلة للجائزة العالمية للرواية العربية (البوكر) 2014 .

تدور أحداث الرواية في رسالة يكتبها “المنسي” لإبنته زينب كويتية الأم ” عهود” تتخلل الرسالة تدوين لسيرته الذاتية و قصته و أنه من غير محددي الجنسية “بدون” تدور أحداثها في سنة 1971 و تمضي مرورًا بفترة الغزو العراقي سنة 1990 إلى زمن كتابة الرسالة 1996 ، و لا تخلو الأحداث طبعًا من الأحداث التشويقية و الصور التاريخية عن الكويت قديمًا و عن المشاهد الرومانسية .

شخصيًا هذه المرة الأولى التي أقرأ فيها للروائي إسماعيل فهد إسماعيل ، معذرةً سأضطر لأن أكتب اسمه كاملًا كل ما ذكرته احترامًا له و لعمره و لكتاباته .. ، أكثر ما جذبني إلى أن أقرأ للروائي إسماعيل فهد إسماعيل و أتعرف عليه هو وجوده كأحد أبطال رواية “ساق البامبو” للروائي الكويتي سعود السنعوسي ، أما هنا في هذه الرواية شدتني كثيرًا اللغة العربية الفصحى العفوية في كتابته خصوصًا و أني من جيل فقيرجدًا بحاجة إلى هذه المفردات التي استخدمها الروائي الكبير إسماعيل فهد إسماعيل ، كذلك أصنفها بأنها من الروايات الصعبة تحتاج وقت مخصص لها لقراءاتها بشخوصها و أحداثها ، و ربما الصعوبة تكمن في العنوان من هي العنقاء و من الخل الوفي ؟

رواية في حضرة العنقاء و الخل الوفي جميلة في كل المقاييس ، شخصيًا أعتمد أن تكون الرواية رائعة قبل قراءتها فقط عندما تكون المقدمة بقلم سعدية مفرح .

الرواية كتبت لتُقرأ و تحفظ بالتاريخ لجمالها .

مناسبة لعمر الـ20 و ما فوق .

أنصح بقراءتها و بشدة ..


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Kuwikipedia – Questions & Answers Related to Kuwait
// 2:48AM – Everything Kuwait


Kuwikipedia is a website I setup yesterday just for fun. I get people emailing me questions all the time and most of the time its questions I had previously answered which becomes frustrating. So I decided from now on anybody that asks a question related to Kuwait I’d post it up on Kuwikipedia along with the answer.

But, I’m hoping it could become community driven site where people could come in ask questions and other people from Kuwait could answer it for them. I don’t have any idea if this will work or not, might end up just being me answering all the questions but since it didn’t take much time to setup, I’m not really losing anything.

So check out Kuwikipedia [Here]


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