20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World

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20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World

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There is no question that I love bookstores and libraries, there is something about the smell of paper and what type of books you can discover in the store. Sometimes I spend hours in bookstores roaming about and picking up a few books and reading them for a bit, and walk around in all the different sections. Books can’t be replaced by E-Readers, and there is something that I love about books, a feeling of having a book, the smell of paper, and enjoying reading it, the difference between a hard copy and soft copy. From the smallest to the biggest, these are 20 of the most beautiful bookstores in the world.

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2011 Science-Technology Division & Arabian Gulf Chapter Student Award

2011 Science-Technology Division & Arabian Gulf Chapter Student Award
to attend Special Libraries Association (SLA) Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 12 – 15 June 2011

In 2011 SLA Arabian Gulf Chapter will be offering an Award jointly with Science-Technology Division (DST) of SLA.

The successful applicant will receive an award of US$2,000, towards the cost of attending the 2011 SLA Annual Conference (which includes conference registration, accommodation, and economy return airfare to Philadelphia, PA).

The award will be formally acknowledged at the SLA Conference in Philadelphia at the Science-Technology Division’s Awards Ceremony.


Applicants must:

  • Have an excellent command of written and spoken English,
  • Be enrolled in a Master level LIS programme in Arabian Gulf countries during the current academic year
  • Be eligible to travel to the USA
  • Be interested in a career in special librarianship, preferably with a focus on working in a science and technology environment.
  • Be a first-time attendee at an SLA conference

Application Procedure

1. Please write a two-part essay, in English, of a total of approximately 500 words, which:

  1. Tells us why you chose to enrol in a graduate/master LIS programme and what you hope to do with your degree and especially why you might wish to work in the science and technology area, and
  2. Addresses one of the following three topics:
  • What skills must the new information professional possess and why?
  • What is the biggest challenge facing the profession, in general, and information professionals in your country, in particular?
    • What benefits/knowledge do you hope to gain from attending the 2011 SLA conference? (Do not describe what you will do during the conference).
  1. Include a letter of recommendation, from your programme advisor or an SLA member who knows you well, which explains why you would be a good candidate for this award.
  1. Include a copy of your current CV including your postal, and email addresses and telephone number.
  1. Please prepare all documents in Microsoft Word and send by e-mail no later than                         15 February 2011 to the following two people:
  2. i.    Sultan Al-Daihani, SLA Arabian Gulf Chapter at s.aldaihani@ku.edu.kw and to
  1. ii.    Sheila Rosenthal, Chair of the DST Awards Committee at  slr@sei.cmu.edu

The Award winner will be notified by 20 February 2011.

Post Award Requirements

The recipient of the 2011 Science-Technology Division / Arabian Gulf Chapter Student Award will be:

  1. Required to write a brief article on their conference experience for publication in the September / October 2011 issue of the Science-Technology Division’s newsletter,             Sci-Tech News, and for the SLA Arabian Gulf Chapter’s website
  1. Asked to maintain contact with the SLA Arabian Gulf Chapter Board during the year of their Award.
  1. Asked to serve on a Science-Technology Division Committee of their choice.

Contacts will be appointed from SLA Arabian Gulf Chapter Board and the Science-Technology Division for the duration of the award.

For further information about the Award’s co-sponsors, please consult their websites:

For further information about the Award, please contact Sultan Al-Daihani s.aldaihani@ku.edu.kw

Online Information, London 2010

In a previous post, our brother Mohammad has posted something about the trip that we were together attending the 2010 online information conference in UK. The conference was more than great in terms of tracks and sessions, seminars and workshops, and finally the exhibitions and the cafeteria that we didn’t have anything from it 🙂 . I was fully sponsored by the SAGE publisher the 4th biggest vendor in the information industry world to attend the conference. so thank you SAGE for your hospitality.

Yesterday I was again with two lovely teachers Dr. Samir and Dr. Taghreed. we had a great time talking about many things, one of them was the conference. so that Dr. Taghreed asked me to post something in the blog and if anyone interested in any information regarding the sessions I will be a big help. And Dr. Samir also was advising me what to write, so that I have legal content that no one would accuse Mohammed and shutdown his blog hehehe…

Anyway, the conference is the largest UK event dedicated to the information industry, providing an annual meeting place for more than 9,000 attendees from over 40 countries across the globe.  This unique free-to-attend event consists of an exhibition with more than 200 international exhibitors, an extensive educational show floor seminar programme, plus a range of exciting and stimulating show features.  Focusing on new technologies and key sectors,  the show covers 6 different subject areas: Content Resources, ePublishing Solutions, Library Management, Content Management, Search Solutions and Social Media.

Attending around 6 sessions from different tracks, was something great that added to my humble knowledge so many. accordingly, I wish to share with you any of the information that it would be beneficial to your area of interest. you may find all tracks and sessions in here or in PDF and you may email me for any inquiries in regard to those sessions and their papers.

Note: my email is sebrahim@auk.edu.kw and your comments are highly appreciated

Here are some pictures from the exhibition:


Saleh A. Ebrahim

P.Mumtaz Ali Anwar

I sent an email for our dear P.Mumtaz regarding our visit to London. It seems that i’ve sent the email message to the wrong email address. This was his responce:

I never opened this mail after I left Kuwait. I saw this address in my drawer today as I was searching for something else. I found several messages in my inbox.
I read the postings in your blog and was glad to see Saleh’s photo. I am glad that you are pursuing your ambition. I am sure you will succeed. You need to pay visit to Malaysia also. If you go there, see Prof. Zainab in the University of Malaya.
Please pass my good wishes to all of your friends and use  gomabk_98@yahoo.com for contacting me in future.
Best wishes again,
Mumtaz Anwar
Dear P.Mumtaz, Thank you for your kind words and i hope you visit us one day in Kuwait.


Abdulla Meets The Amir of kuwait

Abdulla meets the Ameer Of Kuwait

استقبل صاحب السمو الامير الشيخ صباح الاحمد بقصر بيان صباح امس سمو ولي العهد الشيخ نواف الاحمد. كما استقبل سموه بقصر بيان صباح امس رئيس مجلس الوزراء بالانابة ووزير الدفاع الشيخ جابر المبارك.

الى ذلك استقبل صاحب السمو الامير الشيخ صباح الاحمد وبحضور سمو ولي العهد الشيخ نواف الاحمد بقصر بيان صباح امس نائب رئيس مجلس الوزراء للشؤون القانونية ووزير العدل ووزير الاوقاف والشؤون الاسلامية المستشار راشد الحماد ومجموعة من الشباب الكويتي الحاصلين على المراكز الاولى في مسابقات القرآن الكريم الدولية التي اقيمت في عدد من الدول العربية والاسلامية.

هذا وقد هنأهم سموه على حفظهم لكتاب الله تعالى وعلى ما حققوه من مراكز متقدمة وما حصلوا عليه من جوائز تقديرية عالية مؤكدا سموه على اهمية استمرارهم ومحافظتهم على هذا التفوق والمثابرة متمنيا لهم كل التوفيق والنجاح لرفع اسم الوطن العزيز عاليا في مختلف المحافل الاقليمية والدولية. وحضر المقابلة وزير شؤون الديوان الاميري بالانابة الشيخ علي الجراح.

من جانبه اكد المستشار راشد الحماد حرص القيادة السياسية وعلى رأسها صاحب السمو الامير الشيخ صباح الاحمد وسمو ولي العهد الشيخ نواف الاحمد على رعاية الشباب الكويتي من حفظة القرآن الكريم ومواصلة دعمهم للمشاركة في مختلف مسابقات القرآن الكريم الدولية لرفع اسم الكويت عاليا في هذا المجال.

وقال الوزير الحماد في تصريح لـ «كونا» عقب الاستقبال «تشرفت مع عدد من الشباب الكويتيين الحاصلين على المراكز المتقدمة في مسابقات حفظ القرآن الكريم الدولية التي اقيمت في السنوات الماضية في عدد من الدول العربية والاسلامية بالسلام على صاحب السمو الامير وسمو ولي العهد».

واضاف المستشار الحماد ان الشباب اعربوا اثناء اللقاء عن خالص شكرهم وامتنانهم للرعاية السامية والاهتمام الذي يلقاه شبابنا الكويتي من القيادة السياسية في مجال حفظ القرآن الكريم ما يشكل حافزا كبيرا لهم من أجل الفوز بالمراكز الاولى في هذه المسابقات.

من جهته قال مدير ادارة القرآن الكريم بوزارة الاوقاف والشؤون الاسلامية خالد بوغيث في تصريح مماثل لـ «كونا» ان صاحب السمو الأمير هو الداعم الاكبر لمسابقات القرآن الكريم مشيرا الى رعاية وحضور سموه المسابقة الدولية الكبرى للقرآن الكريم التي تقام في الكويت سنويا.

من جانبه اعرب خالد جاسم العيناتي الحاصل على المركز الثاني في مسابقة القرآن الكريم الدولية التي اقيمت في ليبيا عام 2009 عن خالص شكره لصاحب السمو الامير وسمو ولي العهد على رعاية سموهما حفظة القرآن الكريم والفائزين بمراكز متقدمة في مسابقات دولية.

من جهتها قالت امل خالد الشطي الحاصلة على المركز الاول في مسابقة القرآن الكريم الهاشمية التي اقيمت في الاردن عام 2009 ان التشرف بلقاء صاحب السمو الامير وسمو ولي العهد امر له اثره الكبير في نفوسنا وهو اكبر دليل على حرص القيادة السياسية وعلى رأسها صاحب السمو الامير وسمو ولي العهد على رعاية ومتابعة الابناء المتفوقين في مختلف المجالات على الرغم من مشاغل سموهما الكثيرة.

من جانبه قال عبدالله احمد حسن الحاصل على عدة مراكز متقدمة في مسابقات القرآن الكريم الدولية التي اقيمت خلال الاربع سنوات الماضية في كل من ماليزيا وايران والسعودية ولبنان ان حصوله على هذه المراكز المتقدمة «جاء بفضل الله عز وجل وبفضل جهود ادارة القرآن الكريم بوزارة الاوقاف والشؤون الاسلامية التي دائما تحفزنا وتعمل لنا دورات تدريبية مكثفة في هذا الشأن».