Feel free to chat on any subject that is interesting or post that you would like me to publish. this an experimental page. if it goes on and succeeds i will keep it. if it keeps quite then i will remove it. have fun .


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  1. 025.0633
    Economics–information systems

    I think its something like this … but you have to be sure. i wish come one could advise us on this unmber just to make sure.

  2. Can any one lead us to a web site or a software that makes it easy to assign Library of Congress Classification Number LCCN ? im having difficulty understanding the basics of it.

  3. Salaaaam all..
    How r u ?

    I felt so happy to have such site, and I hope anyone can help me..

    I’ve just been chosen as a student in kuniv, library & information science program.. And since my major was English, I have no idea about LIS..

    1. Where can I go if I wanted to ask any question ?
    What am I suppose to do ?

    2. What books shall I read for now ?

    And I have some other questions, but I’ll post them when I get some answers..


  4. Hi, and welcome to a full thrust journey 🙂 i hope you enjoy it !

    About LIS, if you like the internet, searching, exploring, technology, research, library, reading, writing, and English, then you will like the LIS program and enjoy it. and one more thing, i hope you like Showaikh Campos at the evenings because you will spend much time there.

    Prepare a good internet subscription, a good computer, and a Laser printer, your going to print allot.

    In this blog you will find most of the information you need, its two years old now. from day one tell now and one year to go before we finish the program, but if you need anything else please ask here or by email or comment on any post, even the old ones.

    If you want to read, i suggest reading about how to improve your writing skills. and how to locate resources. dont concentrate on libraries as much as on information science. read about APA style, your going to use it allot.

    And Muwaleiya, Most of us are the same, Muwaleen 😉

    Enjoy the ride.

  5. lol same topic with diffrent names..
    could u please ignore and delete the other one with (rgaya name),

  6. Salam Muwaleiya

    LIS is a very interesting major.. you will like definitely..

    well some advices for you before you dive into the bottom of the ocean:

    1. The competition is strong among LIS students, so you wanna “A”s take advantages in reading the materials continually..

    2. Try as much as possible to improve your writing skills and you critical thinking, they are essential in achieving your Master..

    3. The faculty department are experienced, so don’t think you are smarter than them…

    4. CONCENTRATE only in studying and don’t involve yourself with externals..

    5. what have you learned from your old education system, forget it, be able to change your thinking, attitude, and learning skills..

    6. LIS department is not a temple used for warship, try to be smart to avoid certain things.. I hope you will understand this very fast.. because I am not allowed to say things until I graduate next semester.. 🙂

    7. choose your course and teacher carefully, try to ask old students to have their inputs about them, so that you can build up your own picture overall..

    8. Try to direct yourself on a topic of interest from the beginning, so that you have clear idea about what are you going to write in you Comperehensive Exam..

    9. Be smart, happy, enthusiastic, and determinant to achieve your degree..

    10. finally be POSITIVE in your thinking, attitude, and enshallah you will pass it and you will remember your old days, but only through taking things STEP BY STEP.. DON’T JUMP :)..

    we all wish you and the new students a happy moments and great achievements enshalla..

    P.S Don’t forget to ask Allah and Ahlu Albait for Tawfeeq and try to make Estekharah whenever you feel you are in trouble.. 🙂


  7. I guess most of what Saleh said is true. but if you want the true advice. from my experience. you have to relax now in the summer. take time off. because you are going to work heavy. for me most of it was fun and new information each semester, and the most important is relationships. if it wasn’t for group work with other colleagues the ride would have been boring and more difficult.

    Thats what most people dont pay attention to, its not just about getting a master program, your here for the experience 2, but i guess its a matter or point of view.

  8. Salam..
    Thank u both..

    First of all, Y u didn’t delete the repeated one =D
    Hhhh sorry it happened by mistake.

    Second of all, thank u so much for these amazing tips, but as much as I felt great to read them, as much I felt it’s gonna be really difficult to handle =/
    I feel like its really a new new level, a new serious level =§

    I’ve always been told that it is like the old levels in its way of studying (at least, same as college), but from ur responses, I can touch the difficulty =,)

    Any way i’ll do my best thank u very much guys, and yeah bahrani am familiar with APA style & kuwait campus so I think am half ready but I need to atwakkal 3alallah o aalah as u said saleh and trust me I always do =)

    Now here is my other questions..
    (there is more =D so feel free to bring ur tea, ur coffee & pray to make my questions stop lol) kidding, and again thank u o alla ya36eakum muradkum inshalla..

    1. What is the difference between the comperehensive exam & Master Thesis ?(by the way I’ve took a look at kuniv site frequently but really it didn’t help that much, so plz colleagues am relying on u).

    2. R they obligatory ? (I think yeah… One of them, right ? And I have to choose 1 of them).

    3. Which 1 needs more work, more effort (in ur point of view) ?

    And the other questions are waiting to be posted in here..
    Thanks Saleh, bahrani.

  9. Deleted, although i dont that usually.

    Now about your answers. as i finished my last exam and i have more free time. let me answer any questions you have.

    Now about the program, new level, yes, difficult, no. i enjoy it as much as i can. i enjoy the new information, the new science, the interactions, the people i meet, everything.

    Same as college, that i doubt it! in the university students just copy and paste their papers, here you cant do that. and every fullstop, every comma, every space between the letters counts. here you will learn how to do a real research.

    About the comprehensive exam, it is obligatory, you have to do it and you cant chose otherwise. you can only chose your topic for the exam. In the LIS program in Kuwait the comprehensive exam is not questions and answers, its a paper that you have to write not less then 3,600 words. a literature review. its a peace of cake.

    I have a big mug of tea next to me, keep them going. At least you managed to revive this chat page, much gratitude for that.

  10. Salaaam all..
    Thank u so much colleague, but am gonna ask u another favor =$
    Could u plz delete # 7 as well, I know am being so noisy especially when u don’t do it usually, so I wholeheartedly thank u.
    Now about the comprehensive exam, is it a paper ?!! @@
    But -with all due respect- the site of college of Graduate studies mintions that -I quote- “The comprehensive examination should be taken before completing 18 credit hours”. So, how is that?

    2. Ok.. If it’s a paper to do, what about Master’s Thesis ? Isn’t it a paper as well ?

    3. When shall I do it ? Before the 18 credits or at the end of the program ?

    4. Does any professor give us some options, some topics to choose one ? Cuz it’s so difficult to write somthin in a “completely” new field =/

    Any way thanx to let me know that comprehensive exam is a paper rather than questions & answers exam, cuz the chance to fail is less if it is a paper, right ? Hope it would be easier than the later one.

    Bahrani, I really do appreciate ur responses, and I’ll try always to revive this chat page.

  11. Hi Muwaliyah

    first try to write and post something that is not deletable :)… just joking

    anyway, in regard to the Comprehensive Exam.. its not like a thesis at all.. we can say its a small part of it but its not..

    well to answer your questions please read the following:

    1. As you are going to take 36 credits in the program, that’s about 12 courses, two of them can be out of your department. the situation is before you complete your 6th course you should report the director of the program with a topic of interest and register it so that no one take it. by the way you will know your supervisors during the first and second semester through the department notice board..

    2. both are papers and as I said the CE is part of the thesis, where you write a Literature review.. you are not going to write things from your own words, it is only to review what is in the literature and include it in your paper in not more than 3,600 words, around 12 to 14 pages.

    3. pick up a topic, register it before you complete the 18 credits, and then write whenever you wants with your supervisor but not in the final course of graduation.. so be careful…

    4. yah ofcourse you can ask your supervisor what topics available and it should be an interest of both of you.. or ask your friends, or your family, or your neighbors, or ask us 🙂 anyone can help in this…

    Good Luck…

  12. Thank u..
    & sorry 4 being so disturbing.
    I abologize..

    1. Do we have a summer course ?

    2. Our classes will be at the noon even if the student dont work at the morning ?

    3. How many courses must be taken in one semester ? Min & max?

    Thank u.

  13. No problem at all..

    1. No summer courses, only the practicum you may take it if a supervisor available..

    2. no matter wither you are an employee or not, all classes will be held afternoon.

    3. if you are part time studnet ( Min 2 – Max 3) if you are Full time then ( Min 3 – Max 4 )

    and believe me don\’t take more than 2 courses, you will make you life diffcult…

    Good Luck

  14. Salaam..
    Thanx alot for helping.

    Another question :
    Is it true that if I’ve obtained two “C”s in two courses I’ll be dismissed from the program ?

    Good luck too..

  15. Try to keep your grades above B most of the time. i dont think you will get a C. that is rare.

    Even if you get one C, try to get one A at least and then it wont make difference.

  16. Salaam all..
    Bahrani, am a full time student.. Is that gonna make any difference in the program other than having more time and less stress ?

    Saleh thank u so much o inshalla u never obtain any C.
    U as well bahrani thank u and hope u graduate with straight A’s both.

    Oh yeah, bahrani I’ve heard that if the case of obtaining two “C”s in different courses in different semesters, the student will be dismissed.. Not in the same semester.
    I don’t know.

    & sure I’ll try not to earn any C inshalla.

    Break a leg.

  17. If you are a full time student. you cant take less than 3 classes on a semester. thats allot of work.

    But if you are a part time student then you can take three or two. what ever is best for you.

    When i first joined the program i was a full time students then changed to part time so i can take 2 classes a semester.

  18. Muwaliyah: you are most welcome..

    Mohammed: yes you are right.. and now I am thinking to cooperate with each other to create a special section in the tool bar and call it BYLAWS..

    we divide the section into:

    1. Admissions & Registration Requirements for LIS
    2. Program Course Requirements: Core courses and Electives courses and their description
    3. Comprehensive Exam bylaws..
    4. Teaching Faculty in the Department

    and other things such as nature of the courses, reports, assignments, presentations, exams and much more..

    what do you think? you will have a complete reference and better than the Graduate school.. عاد هالشغل يبيله راس شيشة يا خوك 🙂

  19. Oooooh I almost forget to add FAQ section.. it would be direct and beneficial to students…

    just copy students questions in the blog and adding few more by us, then we write the answers in a very simple way..

  20. Really !
    I thought it would be better to be a full time student !

    Any how thank u both colleagues I really appreciate ur help.. Thanx..
    & am not gonna bother u with more questions, I think am gonna wait the BYLAWS = )

    I wish u a very good of luck..

  21. Ill appreciated if you did that job Saleh, we really could you use a help section here in the blog. good idea.

    Muwaleiya. im more than glad to help any fellow student. and i said before. i hope this chat will be like a reference to any new student in the future. and please keep commenting in this blog and encourage others to do so. and id you have any thing you want to post i can send you an invitation to be a member.

    for more questions you can email me or post it here.

    Good luck

  22. Salaaam colleagues..
    How r u all ?

    Sayyed 9ale7, where is the Bylaaaaaaaaws ?
    R u ready to face my other questions ? Hhh
    Cuz believe me I have lllooooots of noisy ones..
    Just kiddin 🙂

    Bahrani, thank u so much for making this blog available to lis students.
    As much as am enjoying it by visiting it several times aday and reading all posts over & over again as much I felt upset when I noticed this..
    And I quote from u ” It’s two years old now….. And one year to go before we finish the program”.
    Tell me it’s not !¡
    Hhh what if I needed to ask a dull question again next year !¡

    Any way thank you..

  23. Muwaleiya, Thats a good question that enlarge my ego 🙂 Just kidding.

    First, im going to be here next year at the program. and maybe we will meet in some activity in the department.

    Second, who knows what will happen after i graduate, i dont think this blog will over after that. im hoping that the journey will continue.

    Third, Much support is needed in the blog to tell you truth. the comments give life to the blog, and unfortunately most of the students ( Not all ) are cheap in that matter.

    Fourth, ask thousands of questions, you only make the blog better, dont think that we are bothered by your questions.

    Fifth, there is no fifth 🙂

  24. Hallo Muwaleiya.. I am ready to face an ARMY not only your questions Hehehehe 🙂

    And yah you right, I am sorry for not posting the bylaws since I am busy a little bit..

    I need to sit with Mohammed to discuss it.. and I will see him tomorrow and see what we are going to do..

    for the part of your discussion with mohammed I believe that the blog needs a serious contribution from other students. this is will add more to the blog and its spirit.. I hope that this blog will live for ever in terms of its contribution to the science in general and to our field in specific.. I don’t think so if we graduate we will be outside the field, contrarily we will continue to add to the field all the way long..

    so Mohammed & Muwaleiya enshallah no worries from this side…

  25. Thank u estath Bahrani.

    & I hope this blog continues till we all graduate even from the PHD 🙂
    Yeah ok my questions are soOo ready to come out and challenge u hhhh u also Sayyed 🙂
    & Sayyed I was kirrin’ about the Bylaws, take as much time as u need. & the questions will be posted la ma7aala hehehe.

    My question is:
    When I went to elle8a2 el tanweari on 24/6 they talked alot about Master’s Thesis, they concentrated on it soo bad. & since u colleagues said that doing the comperehensive exam is a must, so is the Thesis also a must ?
    Is it compulsory ?
    And I really got confused, cuz 3,600 words is not enough for Master programs, it should be 20,000 and above. “Alla la yesma3 menni” but that what I’ve heard from one who knows alittle about these stuff.
    Am not sure..

    Estath.. R u sure u still “after the 20,000 words” not bothered by my questions hhhhhh 🙂


  26. Mawlatna, again there is NO THESIS unless they have changed the curriculum and I extremely doubt it.. 🙂

    My father is a doctor and his Master thesis was about 60,000 words, its huge and not easy considering you have 36 credits to complete in the program.. if there is a thesis in our program, then they should eliminate most of the courses provided..

    I think when they have concentrated on this topic, they wanted to tell you, you should decide your topic of interest as soon as possible after the first or second semester.. they have faced a students, which I know who made there comprehensive exam in their graduation course which is wrong and against the bylaws..

    Think again, there is a big difference between doing a research paper as (thesis) and a Literature Review as (comperehesive exam)…

    Best Luck 🙂

  27. Thank God..
    There is no 20,000 words 🙂

    Hhhh “mawlatna” lol sounds cute, I wish if I can be walla… But am not unfortunately.

    Any how, thank u so much Sayyed..
    And my question is coming on the way, don’t worry and be prepared 🙂


  28. Muweleiya, dont worry about it, its much easier then a theses. dont think of it as a theses, dont think of it as a comprehensive exam. its just like writing an article or a paper reviewing what has been written before on your topic in the amount of 3,600 words.

    You will learn how as you get assignments in the program.

  29. Thank u for helping Sayyed, I really apprecitae that.

    Now a new question 🙂
    Am I suppose to choose the Supervisor ? Or there is some list I have to check at the beginning of the semester ?

    And estath Bahrani, there was a topic about schedule timing u colleagues were discussing..
    So what about it ?
    & if I’m a full time student, is that gonna change anything ?


  30. You have to choose on of the teaching professors as your supervisor for the comprehensive exam. and you must get his approval. that would be later after you get acquainted with the faculty in two or three semesters.

    About classes timing, that is over now. each class will be three hours, one day a week. this was the situation before in 2007 then they changed it to be two classes a week each 1.5 hours, which by the way was a disaster because we had to come almost every day to the university to attend classes, we are part time students and we have jobs in the mornings and families in the evenings plus classes. So, when do get the time to do our assignments and exams with readings and other stuff like searching the library and databases. Thank god it is back to the old timing now.

    For you as a full time student, if you dont have a job then its wont matter because you will have all the time in the world. but if you are employed then god help your soul.

    Next questions please!

  31. you are most welcome mawlatna…

    well Mohammed I don’t know if I am right in this that a student go and chose a supervisor for him/herself..

    in your case, you already had a supervisor, but then you have changed her.. so the point here mawlatna, is that the department will assign each student with a supervisor, probably in random or alphabatically order.. and then you might change to another supervisor if available..

    sounds clear 🙂

  32. Saleh, The department choose your supervisor for the program that you refer to for general matters related to your study in the program. And you choose a another supervisor yourself for the comprehensive exam only that could not be the same program supervisor, or could be the same.

  33. probably mohammed is right in the issue.. but i never saw a student with 2 supervisors.. your general supervisor is also yours for the comperehensive exam I think, unless there is somewhere written explain the issue.. I will try to find out enshallah..

  34. I have two supervisors, Dr.Taghreed is my master supervisor and Dr,Mumtaz is my supervisor for the comprehensive. Also Abdullah i think has the same situation.

  35. Salaaaam..
    Back to a new question.. 🙂

    Am I considered as “mu3eada” or “mu3eadat be3tha” ?

    Actually, I don’t know what does that mean, but I’ve been asked alot this particular question, and my answer to them is “I don’t know”, and they reply “then ask”.

    So, do any of you have any idea !¡


  36. Hallo Mawlatna.. missing your questions 🙂

    First enshallah you became (( Mu3eda ))

    well, the 2 phrases are having the same meaning.. just follow me !!

    Accepting you in the program of LIS means you are a Graduate Student in the department.. again a STUDENT..

    being ((mu3edah)) means you graduate from the department and gain your MASTER degree, then you apply to a scholarship to gain a PhD, only then you became (( Mu3edah )).. in other words you will be an employee and a PhD. Student at the same time..

    Clear or need to elaborate…???

  37. Hello Sayyed..
    LoL Thanxo 🙂

    Yeah Sayyed I got what u’re saying. And I thought of the same thing, that am a student not mu3eada yet.
    But my uncle -who is studying Master as well- kept asking me frequently that question, and I keep replying am a student.
    But Sayyed he claimes that since I have joined Master program in kuniv, I must be named either “mu3eada” or “mu3eadat be3tha”.
    I couldn’t argue with him cuz he is much older than me and cuz he seemed so sure.


  38. Well, there is a situation where you can be mu3eda, which is being accepted as MASTER and PhD. Student in the same time.. just like the PAAET system..

    otherwise and in your situation you are a STUDENT.. and Say hi to your uncle 🙂

  39. Hhhh 🙂
    Ok, Thanx any how..

    Well Sayyed, actually there is another question I wanna ask.

    When I took a look at lis program schedule, I noticed that to take 506 I have to take first “Basic computing literacy; lab work”.

    So my quesion is “although it’s too early” :
    How can I take this course while it’s not there in the schedule ?
    Got it ?

  40. Am not following you..

    There are six core and elective courses ( 12 as total) you need to complete.

    Core courses are: 501-502-503-504-506-507 and the practicum I think its 595

    all the above courses can be taken without taking any prior course.. So I don’t know anything about Basic Computing Literacy..

  41. It’s written in the Graduate Catalog of kunive, also in the site.

    Then, I think I have to go there and ask.

    Thank u so much Sayyed 🙂


  42. yah I saw it.. but don’t consider it as important.. first coz we don’t have that particular course..

    Second most of us have taken 506 in his/her first semester as i remember..

  43. Estath..
    The 503, 504 requirements recently added to the blog, r real ? @@
    LoL, I mean the assignments there are odd..
    An interview with a manager ? LoL..
    Is that what we r going to face ?
    I thought that the requirements r changeable depending on the professors.. Rn’t they ?

    WoW.. U r definitely right folk..
    3 courses will be a complete disaster..


  44. Yes it will be 🙂

    Dr. Hussain Al-Anssari used to teach 504, but i think he wont be around next year, Dr.Sajjad will be teaching 504 i guess. So, i think the assignment will change.

    Muwaleiya: i dont want to shock you, but all of us were thinking the same when we first got excepted in the program, that its going to be easy. But, Oh my god !!!

    Allot of work is waiting for you and its not going to be easy, but it will be fun, you can make fun if you establish group work. From day one try to spot the students who are good and willing to share and work together as a group. only then it will be more easy and fun.

    P.S: Dont tell any one that i said anything about group work, The teachers hate it.

  45. Wait a minute!!!, how did these boxes get into here ??????? Now i see what you are talking about Muwaleiya !!!!

    These are very old, back from the second semester of 07-08. Sorry for the misunderstanding. i don’t know how these boxes came alive, but they are removed.


  46. Mr. Bahrani, how to change my profile picture!? I have been trying for so long, and I got tired! I either change it today or quit from the blog looooOOOoOol

  47. No no no non non o …. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo …..please no.

    I7im i7im !! … just give me your password and i will do it, Master Talal.

  48. Salaaam folks..
    How r u all ?
    Mbarak 3alaikum el shahar jamea3an..

    Well, long time no c..
    & actually got to say that I need some help, and I have few questions with no answers =)

    Estath Bahrani, I know u r the one to answer before any one else.
    Estath, the time to go and take our usernames is close.. Its within 10 days.

    But where can i get it from ? Is it from 5aldeiya or shwai5 ?
    I don’t like shwai5 that much. It get scary after 1 pm.
    Estath our classes r going to be after 1 pm ?

    I have some other questions estath..
    Thanx in advance.


  49. Hi Muwaleiya,

    Mubarak 3alaych ilshahar. Its ben slow and lazy here in the blog. But you know its Ramadan and the end of the summer holiday, so its normal.

    Now, regarding your questionn. You can take your username and password for registrration for Khaldiya in the second floor.

    About Shouaikh, you have to get used to it. All your classes will be after 4 PM. No classes in at AM. you will get used to it dont worry. i find it the most enjoyable atmosphere there.

    Shot you other questions.

  50. Hello everyone,

    This is HELPFUL!

    Really, all the questions, and full-answers !

    I am gonna start my master this semester, I have noooooooo clue on what am gonna do or where to start, basically am lost!

    I have graduated from the States, so i am not familiar with kuniv facilities, staff or anything related to their campus.

    ur comments are great.. i read them all.. it’s just i feel a bit worried about the amount of work required especially that i have a job and am a full-time student!

    * btw, i went to change to part-time, the lady did a simple click on her computer and told me that am set!!! shall i get an official paper back that says that i have been moved to part-time or what!


    u said “6. LIS department is not a temple used for warship, try to be smart to avoid certain things.. I hope you will understand this very fast.. because I am not allowed to say things until I graduate next semester..” HINT PLZ! what things!!!

    okay last but not least, i just reviewed the shcedule for this semster and my registration on 27th, what shall i take and with who!!! I know u cant say name .. again HINTS 😛

    AM not so ready!!! :’\
    well, am not READY kelesh !!!!!!!!!

    well, i wish u all best of luck .. thanks for updating this blog and answering all questions (in advance) 😀

    Best Regards!

  51. The best thing you did is change to part time. I did face the same situation when i first enrolled. I was a full time student, when i consulted the faculty they told me that im crazy, and they were right. you cant work and be a full time student at the same time. Unless you are welling to and have the ability and could afford the pressure.

    I think you should take 501 and 506 at first. 501 is general information and background. 506 is basic IT information which you must know most of it by now i guess.

  52. Hallo guys!!! long time no see as you know Ramadan gets people to concentrate on other things.. anyway Im so happy to write again with the fellows here.. not to forget to thank my brother bahrani to keep the blog alive all the time, so Thnx bro…

    welcome to the blog sister LawLaw and hope to find your wanderings here and hope enjoy your time around with your valuable comments and participations..

    well, as I said let me graduate enshallah and be out of the cage as they say then only I can discuss my viewpoints clearly..

    but dont be afraid every thing well be great as long as you are following the rules and believe me you will enjoy it completely enshallah..

  53. Salaaaaaaaaaaaaaam..
    Aaaah, long time 🙂

    How r u all ?
    How r u estath ?

    Well, lemme think b3em8 to write the right sentence loooool..

    Walla to be honest, ammmmmmmmmm..
    SoOo overwhelming..

    Hope I can manage it.

    What about u ?
    I’ve noticed from one of ur posts that u weren’t relieved that much.

    Any how,,, good luck for us 😉


  54. overwhelming in a bad or a good way 🙂 ? you will get used to it later on. When you finish your first semester then you will know that you do any thing assigned to you.

  55. Lo0oL both actually..

    A question.. hhh I missed my questions..

    Why do we always see buffet ” a delicious one or maybe we r at that time really starving I don’t know” next to our class ? 😀


  56. That is the situation since 2007. Each evening we find this table with empty food plates, and a bunch of people sitting in the class room opposite to it, Mostly Indians. It seems that the university do some activities like seminars and social service “خدمة المجتمع”. And other times it is used for training courses.

    If you ever feel hungry, you can just help your self.

  57. Hhhhhhhh kent bakel..
    Bs e7teramt nafsi O MESHAIT SEADA LOL.

    No no, It wasn’t empty at all..
    3alaihum bel 3afya any way 🙂

  58. loOol..
    or maybe we r actually pass there soo early. u no in the break when we go to pray.
    we pray in the electricity room hhh that is soo dangerous I no 🙂

    Shraykum ennafeshum wen7e6 8ozi the other side loool 😀

  59. Hello,

    just thought to share my experience in grad shcool with ya..
    so we started three weeks ago,
    i still cant find myself believing how time fly by so faaaaaaaaaaast!
    still humbeling, wondering if this is what i want!
    it is cofusing when it is not ur BS.
    am working on what is required but am not doing anything as i am supposed to be doin.!!
    reading is my last interest .. i dont seem to find a way to read more!!!
    i feel am behind :\
    so .. since u graduated, do u thing it’s worth it ?


  60. I was wondering what happened to you?

    Look, Its easy to feel lost. we all did the first semester. but don let it last long. I mean you have to decide after the first semester if you are going to continue or stop so you wont waste more time.

    The reading problem, we all have it 🙂 and between me and you ” No one read”

    You will never be satisfied with your work, Guess what? non of us do 🙂

    And last, I did not graduate, still have one semester left.

    IS is worth it? For god sake yes. even if I use the degree as a decoration on the wall, Its worth it totally, and you know why?:

    Its because of
    All the experience I have now
    All the people that I know from the program The University atmosphere
    I can write better now
    I can read better
    My English is much better
    I feel like a professional
    My CV is enhanced

    Should I go on ……

  61. “between me and you ”No one read””…

    From where you brought this up bro..

    we are not only reading.. we do translation also Lol 🙂

    remember prof. Mumtaz when he said try not to generalize things unless they are applicable…

  62. loooool..
    I was reading what I wrote here..
    Oh my God.. it’s like I wrote it last week.

    The time is really flying.. and we r about to finish this semester..
    I missed this space hhhhh..
    My lovely questions 🙂


  63. Salaaam..
    How r u estath ?
    How is everything ?
    Did u finish something ?

    I have finished one.. el7amdella..
    And two to go..


  64. Yes we did. 532 is done and 541 done all the work exept for one class to attend with no work required by me at all. So im just relaxing now trying to catch up with all the stuff that i wanted to do but couldnt the last month. It was one hell of a ride.

    So tell me how was your first semester in the program ?

  65. do we have a british council library in kuwait, if so where, could you please give me the location,i am new to kuawait and love redaing books.

  66. Hi every one, I just discover this blog by chance .. how I can join here .. its nothing like facebook 😛
    Any how, Have a good day & enjoy

  67. Estath.. Can u translate this plz..
    lol I mean what does that mean ? =/

    ضرورة تقديم النماذج الخاصة بالتسجيل وهي


    1- مسار بدون أطروحة: تقديم نموذج
    AC/1 P
    عند التسجيل بمقرر المشروع.

    2- مسار بأطروحة: تقديم نموذج
    AC/1 T، عند التسجيل بمقرر الأطروحة

    & thanks a billion 🙂

  68. This is when you apply for the master. You might have signed one but you dont know what it is. OR the form could be completed by one of the employees. Pure Bureaucratic !

  69. Hhhhhhhhhhhh u made me laugh 😀
    But I don’t think I have signed one of them or even one of the employees talked to me about that =/

    Estath.. am afraid that when am about to finish, something unexpected pops up to ruin my graduation =”(
    That’s why am asking..

    ya3ni am done with it right ?
    I do not have to register one of them or even think about it!!

    looool thanks Sir 🙂

  70. Hello Everyone,

    I am so happy to pass by this extraordinary blog which reminds me of our old hard-work days!

    hope those who graduated are still pursuing for their PHD programs, and those who still on the railway….. just be patient, and work hard!

    wish all the best!

    Hassani Hamdani.

    1. Hi Hamadani, How are you and how is everything ? Where have you been all that time? And how are the cute twins?

      Do you remember the alarm at the presentation 🙂 these were the days.

      Good to see you here and i hope that you keep on visiting us.

      1. مشكور اخوي..

        ICDL يبونها بعد؟؟ مكتوب بالاعلان بس ماقالولي عنها شي

  71. Hi all,
    This is your former MLIS colleague mariam adnan, hope you still remember me 🙂
    Actually this is my first post ever on this great blog, and as a start I would like to salute you Mohamad for the great effort that you’ve been putting on your blog. I regularly check on it to keep up to date with all LIS related news and events, in addition I really enjoy reading the posts and contributions of my former colleagues and how they exchange their experiences in a way that gave the blog its uniqueness.
    For that I’m sure that I’ll be able to find the help I need through this blog. My problem is regarding the GRE test. I’ve been planning to take it for soooo long, but the problem is that I lack the math skills needed by the exam 😦
    I was wondering if anyone happened to know a tutor who is familiar with this test in particular or could refer me to a certain place that could be of a help. I know that Amideast provides GRE preparation courses but I’m required to pass a pre-test in math and get a certain score. So if there is any suggestion I would be so grateful.
    Best regards

    1. Thank you Mariam, Its good to see you here finally. and we hope to see you here more and more. This is the purpose of the blog, to help us and help each others now and after. Dont let it stop with your graduation.

      Now to get to the bad dream “GRE”. I know its a nightmare. I went running out of a Gmat Test, how about GRE?

      I think who could really help you here are Saleh and Talal. Saleh i know for sure was looking into it and was trying hard but i dont know if he did try the test or not. Talal is trying now and i think he has also some good information. I will ask them to reply here as soon as they can.

      Good luck

  72. السلام عليكم،، بغيت أسئلك عن المقابلات شخصية.. في شغلات نحتاج ندرسها ولا مجرد أسئلة عاديه؟

  73. ما اعتقد الأسئلة تكون متخصصة. اعتقد أسئلة عامة
    على أيامنا ما كان فيه مقابلات

    اعتقد المقابلة تكون شكلية

  74. السلام عليكم
    استاذ محمد عندي مجموعة اسئلة وبعد محتاج النصيحة

    بقولك القصة كاملة انا تخرجت في الكورس الاول وطافني تقديم المقيدين لاني ما سجلت لاختبار التوفل والحمدلله توني حصلت على درجة التوفل المطلوبة للبرنامج وسجلت في الطلبة غير المقيدين لكني خايف لان قبولي يعتبر مشروط فانا مجبر على انهاء 12 وحدة بمعدل 3 نقاط حتى يتم تسجيلي كطالب مقيد

    وقريت ان لغة الدراسة هي الانجليزية وانا دراستي في الباكلريوس كانت باللغة العربية ومستواي في اللغة الانجليزية متوسط فهل تتشكل اللغة الانجليزية عائق امام حصولي على معدل الـ3 نقاط

    وان شاء الله لو انقبلت هل تنصحني اخذ 6 وحدات في الكورس الاول و6 في الكورس الثاني ولا اخذ 12 وحدة في الكورس الاول ؟

    وهل تنصحني بانتظار تسجيل المقيدين للسنة القادمة ؟

    اسف جداً على الاطالة
    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    1. وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

      اذا كان مستواك باللغة الانجليزية متوسط بستحصل بسهولة ان شاء الله على 43 نقاط
      لا تحاتي

      اللغة ليست بعائق كبير

      اما بخصوص عدد الوحدات. فذلك يعتمدعلى ظروفك الخاصة . موظف صاحب عائلة وأولاد ام متفرغ
      اذا كنت متفرغ فان شاء الله تستطيع انجاز 9 وحدات . اما اذا كنت غير متفرغ لا انصح الا ب 6 وحدات اي مادتين

      الاذ اذا كنت فعلا مستعد انك تتحمل المشاق الصعاب والخوض في ظلمات البحار السبعة 🙂

  75. اشكرك استاذ محمد على الرد السريع كلامك وايد طمني وريحني ,,
    ما قصرت جزاك الله خير
    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

  76. السلام عليكم.. يعطيكم الف عافيه حجي.. أنا رحت الجامعه وقالولي تخصصكم الوحيد الي مافي مقابله.. استغربت وقالت أسئلك اذا تعرف على شنو يعتمدون في القبول. مشكور وماتقصر

    1. سلام
      يعتمدون على المعدل اهم شي والسن ودرجة التوفل
      هذي أهم العوامل
      وبالتوفيق ان شاء الله

  77. My first test was a play written by Lars Person himself.
    You could even hang the pictures on the wall as part of the decorations and give awards for the best artistic masterpiece.
    Use all your talents to take your target farther into your loving world.

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