Illustrated History of Kuwait

i came across this fantastic book about the history of kuwait – at first sight, i thought it was tintin, it looked so good on my colleague’s table i couldn’t tell it’s actually about kuwait.

the book is prepared by khaled abdullah al massad and illustrated by ali jelveh – it starts with a quick historical background on the region with some nice illustrations on failakh island and the greek era, then it touches base on the pre and post islamic era and the various battles between the tribes – what was also interesting is the story of the 3 branches of the “weal” tribe, al khalifah, al jalahmah and al subah who moved from al najad to the shores of the gulf, settling first in qatar then, kuwait.

the book is very interesting and the illustrations makes it fun to read – you can also bump into president bush who liberated kuwait after the invasion..

the book is sold at 6.5 kd, not sure though you can find it in all bookstores – for more information you can email historyofkuwait

thanks to manal for sharing the book.

New Kuwait University Campus

A documentary video for new Kuwait University campus, the design looks neat and clean. It’s located on the 6th Ring Road nearby Jaber Stadium and it looks it will be huge. I hope it finishes on schedule so they can resolve the excalating admission problem plus the issue with traffic congestion caused by the existing campuses that are located within busy areas of Kuwait.


تطبيق كتابي لجهاز الايفون  يمكن هواة القراءة من ممارسة هوايتهم و الإختيار بين أكثر من مئتا كتاب تغطي مواضيع مختلفه منها المواضيع الدينية , التربوية و التعليمية , الأسرة و العلاقات, الترفيه, و تطوير الذات
يأتي الإصدار الثاني ليوفر للمستخدم تجربة قراءة فريدة و مميزة إذ يتيح كتابي تصفح فهرس الكتاب للتأكد من محتواه و ملائمته لإهتمامات القارئ بالإضافة إلى مشاركة آرائك و تعليقاتك حول الكتب و تبادل النقاشات لتكون تجربة قراءة تفاعلية مميزة

مجموعة من المميزات و التحديثات رافقت الإصدار الجديد وهي:
متجر كتب يتيح لك استعراض و البحث عن كتبك المفضلة بسهولة حسب اسم الكتاب, التصنيف, اسم المؤلف
تصفح فهرس الكتاب قبل شراءه للتأكد من المحتوى و ملائمته لإحتياجاتك
لن تضيع كتبك مرة أخرى; وذلك عن طريق خاصية استرجاع الكتب، التي تمكنك من استرجاع كتبك المشتراه سابقا
امكانية تسجيل الدخول للحصول على كتب مجانية
تشغيل القراءة الليلية، لقراءة أسهل ليلا
اضافة علامات للقراءة, والبحث داخل الكتاب
ساعد الآخرين بكتابة تعليقاتك ورأيك في الكتب وكن جزءا من تجربة قراءة تفاعلية
دعم فني مباشر (Live Chat Support) لحل جميع مشاكل القراء

لتحميل البرناامج من هنا

Bookshops in Kuwait

This is an old post from Mark blog Enjoy

My favorite bookshops in Kuwait
Before I started 248AM I had another blog called Miskan. Before Miskan I had a photo blog (that sadly doesn’t exist anymore) called Moblogging in Kuwait. Before Moblogging in Kuwait I started off blogging at back when the only bloggers around were just me, Nibaq and Zaydoun from Kuwait Unplugged. Thing is I’ve posted about so much stuff in the past 7 years that I’ve completely lost track of what I’ve posted about and what I haven’t. For example it recently came into my attention that I haven’t posted about Q8Books or the original Kuwait Bookshop although I could swear I’ve posted about them before. Turns out I discovered both those places back during my Moblogging from Kuwait project in 2004 but only mentioned it briefly on Miskan and with a picture on Moblogging from Kuwait (actually called Nat my girl friend in that post back then!) yet I thought I had done a proper post about it here on 248AM. Anyway since I haven’t I figured I would do so now.

Q8 Books
Q8 Books is the only used books shop I am aware of in Kuwait. There actually aren’t that many places that sell used anything here in Kuwait which makes Q8 Books even more special. The place is filled to the brim with a ton of used books ranging from novels, kids books to cooking books and more. The owner of the place is a great guy who opened the place and runs it out of passion. They even have a website that contains all the books they have in the shop, how cool is that? The store is located on the first floor of the shopping center behind Johnny Rockets Salhiya. For store opening hours and to check out their collection of books you can visit their website




The Kuwait Bookshop
Everyone knows the large Kuwait Bookshop located in the basement of Muthana Complex in Kuwait City but very few people know about their first and original store located a few hundred meters away. The original Kuwait Bookshop location was the first English bookshop to open up in Kuwait (so I was told) and the location is still open and active. Although the Muthana branch is pretty cozy the original branch is even cozier. The store is two stories with the top floor being my favorite since it feels like it contains hidden treasures. I’ve been there a few times and never seen anyone in the shop but the employees tell me they do get a lot of customers. The original Kuwait Bookshop is located near Restaurant 99 on the Sheraton Roundabout.